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How to get kids playing outdoors all year round with Plum® Play

The smell of bonfires in the air, cold morning air turning their little noses red … winter is definitely on the way, isn’t it?

It is so easy to hibernate, to stay tucked up under blankets and say goodbye to outdoor fun until springtime. But if your kids are anything like mine, they love the outdoors and when cooped up indoors they tend to watch tv or sit on the iPad non-stop.

Those days have their place but I would much rather they were active and enjoying the outdoors all year round. As someone once told me…

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. 

How to get kids outdoors all year round

The warmer months are easy, aren’t they? Pop on a swimming costume and blow up the paddling pool for instant outdoor fun. Trips to the park after school, picnics by the river and all of the other great activities that open up when the sun comes out.

If you tell the kids to go outside in winter, when it is cosier and easier to stay indoors, they will probably look at you like you are crazy. But if you make it fun, give them a reason to be outside, then they will be out there quicker than you can say ‘put your gloves and hat on first!’

There are so many fun ways to enjoy the outdoors during the colder months, one of our favourites has to be going for autumnal walks, picking up conkers and pine cones along the way and coming home to a steaming hot drink.

But what about when you are at home? How do you encourage them into the garden when the paddling pool is long gone?

As an early years teacher, I am used to setting up for outdoor play but I have never really thought about putting into practice in my own backyard. So when Plum® got in touch recently, I suddenly realised how empty our garden is.

Their website is full of gorgeous products, from their beautiful wooden easel to their mud pie kitchen. I literally want everything!! 

They gifted us their Wooden Teepee Hideaway and honestly, I don’t think I have ever owned anything so magical! We have quite a small garden so I chose their Great Teepee, which is slightly smaller than the Grand. Both are beautifully made though and make for the best hideaway for the children.

It arrives unassembled, so you do need to have the tools available to put it up. We had someone come build it for us though as I just didn’t have a spare day free to do it myself. It was up within a few hours though and my goodness, what a sight!

Being made from wood, it is so solid and is surprisingly warm inside – especially when you pull the canvas door over the entrance.

The children have been outside making up all sorts of games, enjoying their little den and time spent together without the distraction of technology. It is going to be a well-loved piece for years to come!

We were also sent a lovely hamper and blanket, so they could have a little picnic in their new space. They had so much fun, I think they may well move in when the warmer weather comes around!

If you are looking to get your children outside more, want them to make better use of the garden and spend less time stuck indoors, then take a look on the Plum® website to see all of the lovely things they have – I really want the giant dominoes!

I have some exciting news for you – Plum® have 2 exciting giveaways for you over the coming days.

Prize Bundle 1: Festive Feast Bundle (as seen here with my three) – Luxury Picnic Blanket, John Lewis Christmas hamper and £100 Plum® gift voucher. To enter, pop over to their Facebook page now.

Prize bundle 2: Famous Christmas Trampoline Bundle – 12ft Space Zone II Evolution trampoline (as seen on the John Lewis ad last year), accessories and £100 John Lewis gift voucher. To enter, pop over to the Plum® website now!

Good luck!! 

We were gifted the teepee in return for this feature. All words and thoughts are my own. 



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    Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons
    November 17, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    This looks incredible! We really struggle in the winter but we love the outdoors. I can totally see us cosying up with hot chocolate and blankets in here. And I’ve avoided buying any plastic garden toys that can’t be tidied away, but this is so pretty I’d make an exception!

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