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The only pram you’ll ever need…

Inside: Review of the Diono Quantum convertible 3 in 1 smart seat

Do you ever get something and wish you’d had it since the very beginning?

There are so many baby products on the market and when you’re a first-time parent it is completely overwhelming. You end up buying things that turn out to be completely useless and others that you only use for a short space of time.

One of the biggest purchases has to be the pram, hasn’t it? You spend ages choosing the perfect one, only to realise a few months down the line that it isn’t as perfect as you first thought.

Well, what if I told you that the Diono Quantum ticks all of those boxes and converts from a pram to pushchair using the same unit – making it the only pram you’ll ever need.

Pram mode

I so so wish I’d had this when Wills was a baby, it is so big that it would have lasted him well over the 6 months that other prams seem to manage. We do use it in this mode sometimes though if we know he is going to sleep for a while – just makes for a cosier sleep I think.

It even comes with a pram insert, making it extra cosy and snug for those newborn days.

Something I really love is the absolutely massive hood. It is perfect for shielding little ones from the sun with the additional sun-visor and it also creates a lovely dark space for naps. I honestly don’t think I have ever seen such a big hood.

Parent-facing pushchair

Converting it from pram to pushchair is very easy, simply move the bar and use the clips underneath to bring the seat upwards into a sitting position.

We are still using this mode (although I don’t imagine it will be long until we go forward facing) and it is a really lovely pushchair to use – I especially love that the handle can move up and down for different heights. At 5ft 8 I often struggle with the correct handle height on pushchairs.

Once again, the hood arches right over and with a one-handed recline, it is easy for little ones to fall asleep in comfort.

World-facing pushchair

Just with parent-facing, the seat is able to recline easily and with the handy peek-a-boo window, you are able to check on your little one at all times.

The safety harness is a good sturdy one too, with easy to click-in buckles and easy press release.

Ticking all of the boxes…

Something I always look for in a pram is a big basket and the Quantum’s basket is huge! It claims to be able to fit a cabin-sized luggage bag and I can well believe it – there is so much room I have been able to fit in the kids’ bags and shopping bags full of food!

I am forever scuffing shoes on brakes but this one is so easy to use, with a step-on, step-off push-brake.

Despite having a large car boot, we always seem to have half of it taken up by the pushchair. The Quantum is nice and compact and the one-hand fold means I don’t have to bend down each time I put it back in the car.

Final thoughts…

Diono is a brand I have used for years with their innovative pram and pushchair accessories, so I love that they have used their years of experience to create such a great pram – it even includes a cup holder and wheel pump!

It has so many great features, I just wish I’d had it since the very beginning!

I’ll just have to have another baby…

We were sent this pram for the purposes of this review, all thoughts and words are my own. 



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