Coronavirus Diaries | Week 2 - What Katy Said

Coronavirus Diaries | Week 2

Inside: A look at our second week during lockdown 2020.

This week was a mix of ups and downs again but it went so quickly! In fact, just looking back at the time we’ve been home I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. It’s a bit like what they say about parenting – ‘the days are long but the years are short’ – it definitely seems to be going that way now.

30th March – 5th April 2020

Monday was a down day for me, I think it was because we’d had such a nice weekend that had felt almost normal. So then to have a weird Monday creep up on me again just threw me off. I’m not one to let things get to me though so I spent the entire day planning out the next 12 weeks.

I mean you might think that is madness but it helped loads. Even if we never refer to the plan, just having it there will help me to feel prepared. I chose different topics for each week and used the free resources on Twinkl to help support their learning. I also ordered some caterpillars to be delivered after Easter as part of our ‘nature’ theme I’ve planned – I can’t wait!

I loosely planned out some Easter activities for the week. Teaching them about the Easter story, making Easter cards and putting up our Easter tree. Next week is the start of the Easter holidays so we won’t be doing much besides enjoying the nice weather.

On Wednesday evening we went on a lovely walk in the fields near our house. It was the first time we’d been out and it was needed. Normally the kids moan that their legs ache but they ran and ran and enjoyed every last second.

After braving the outdoors, Grace and I decided to go for a short walk on Thursday too. She’d made a Hama bead heart for her friend and so we walked it round to their house to leave in their garden. We were able to chat to them through the window and just seeing other people again was so nice.

Having routine is definitely helping. I am still doing my LIVE chats on IG and FB and that is helping ground me. The girls are doing their dance classes through Zoom and with our weekly theme of Easter I just feel like we are finding our groove now.

On Saturday I had to go pick up a click n collect order from Asda. Amazingly we only had 5 substitutions and 2 unavailable items. I think the food issue is being controlled much better around here now. If you go in person then you have to queue outside so not too many people go in at once. It;s deterring people going too often so they can regulate stock better.

While I waited for my order I looked at the people in the queue and it made me so sad. To see the distance between people, to know we can’t behave as we normally would, just the madness of it all, it just hit me. What has happened to the world? And when will it end?

As my food was brought out to me I felt so vulnerable, like anyone could come along and take it while I load it into the car. Not a nice feeling at all I can tell you. I became hot and sweaty and my heart was racing – if I’d taken any longer I think I’d have burst into tears. Never been so glad to get in my car and press the lock button!

The rest of the weekend felt like a normal weekend. We got on with decorating the bathroom, spent time in the garden and just enjoyed chilling as a family. For the first time in this whole thing, I felt at peace. This is our norm now and I have reached the acceptance stage of the grieving process.

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