Christmas Wrapping Techniques From Marks & Spencer

Christmas Wrapping With M&S

Wrapping presents is one the best things about Christmas! I absolutely love wrapping everything beautifully, creating a neat little parcel that will bring joy to the person it is for. The whole process is an event for me, I sit myself down with a plate of mince pies, a mug of hot chocolate and everything I need to make each present look gorgeous.

About a month ago I had a very exciting invite land in my inbox – M&S were holding a wrapping event! Of course this was my idea of bliss so one dark blustery evening I made my way to London to learn some new techniques. What made it special was the presents we were going to wrap were to be sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital, to give to the children and their families this Christmas. Isn’t that lovely?

M&S have put together an amazing wrapping guide, with inspirational techniques for wrapping your gifts this year. I had a go at a couple of the techniques and the finished result was amazing – who knew a few extra touches would make such a difference?

percy pigs and wrapping paper

Armed with festive Percy Pigs and enough ribbon to last the evening, I was ready to begin!

The Pleat

I really love this effect – it takes a bit of practice but it looks great doesn’t it?

Pleated Wrapping Paper Effect

The Pocket

Now I absolutely promise you I wrapped this – I almost don’t believe it myself it looks so neat! Isn’t the paper amazing?!! I used this technique the other week to wrap a child’s birthday present – so handy to tuck the card inside.

Pocket wrapping effect

The Gift Bag

This is my new favourite way to wrap presents and it is perfect for wrapping the more unusual shaped gifts. I thought I would do a step by step for you so you can give it a go this Christmas too!

Cutting wrapping paper

Measure out a piece of paper double the width of your gift, just as you would when wrapping a regular shaped object.

taping up the gift bag

Tape up the middle of the paper, from top to bottom.

Making the base of the bag

Now the next bit is a little fiddly, I have to think about it each time! Fold up the bottom and then flatten it sideways as shown above.

making the bag bottom

The base to a gift bag

Tape each point into the middle to create a neat fold.

Pyjamas in the bag

It is then time to pop in the present – this gift bag is for a pair of pyjama shorts for Mr F.

Folding the top of the gift bag

Fold over the top of the bag and tape it shut.

adding bows to the gift bag

Now it is time to make it pretty – my favourite part! Curling ribbon is definitely one of my favourite things to do!

monkey in a gift bag

This technique is perfect for so many awkward presents – Wills is going to love this cute monkey!

M&S gift bag technique

How fab do they look? I almost want to avoid boxed presents now so I can make loads of gift bags!!

Which is your favourite?

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    Gemma @ Two Little Misters
    December 2, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    Cute ideas! Might give them a try to break up the monotony of wrapping! Also, I love any wrapping paper that has a grid printed on the back, makes cutting it so much easier, doesn’t it?

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