Christmas in July 2019 - What Katy Said

Christmas in July 2019

Inside: A look at a few of the products that will be coming to stores at Christmas time 2019

Every year, brands come together to showcase their hero products for the coming Christmas so that we can share them with you. They invite press and influencers down to London to take a look and this year I decided I would go along to see what great gift ideas I could find!

I met up with the very lovely Caro, from Twinkle Diaries, and together we wandered from stall to stall to see what treasures we could discover.

Brands to bear in mind when gift shopping…

I had to start with chocolate, didn’t I?

Not just any chocolate though, but a personalised Toblerone from Prezzybox. I am a huge Prezzybox fan already so it was lovely to meet the team behind the brand. They have so many fab gift ideas you can’t fail to find the ideal present for your loved one.

William came along for the ride and his favourite stand by far was the Great Little Trading Company. I shared the stall on my IG Stories and so many of you were lusting after their gorgeous toys.

I had to drag William away from this garage – isn’t it wonderful? All of their toys are just beautiful and would make for a perfect gift for little ones. I know what is on William’s Christmas list, that’s for sure!

The girls are growing out of toys it seems and much prefer to play games or make things with their craft supplies. So this Hotel Transylvania 3 board game is perfect for them – they’ve been playing it non-stop since I brought it home!

Wills isn’t quite able to play board games yet so has been playing the Snap game with his sisters instead.

This one is for me though! Such a fun game and a great gift idea for any Call The Midwife fans out there! I mean, who isn’t a fan? All are from Rachel Lowe Games & Puzzles.

Secret Spa were giving out free manicures and so I took the opportunity to have a sit down while I had a well-deserved pamper! The nail varnish lasted a good 2 weeks too, so a great gift idea for the lady in your life!

Aren’t these gorgeous? They brightened up my living room for well over a week. A big thank you to Arena Flowers for gifting them to me. Flowers are always a good gift option, aren’t they?

Now, this may look like an odd gift but actually, it is a really thoughtful idea. Mondays are a subscription service who create Menarche kits for girls when they first get their period. Of course, anyone can sign up too and as someone who, despite using cloth most of the time, has to fall back to reusables if we are away, loves the idea of plastic-free products.

Isn’t this gorgeous? I’d love to have the skills to make these! Mantel create positivity packs containing affirmation cards for each day of the week to promote positive thinking.

Vanilla Reindeer create personalised gift bags and they are just brilliant! I want to order some for Grace’s birthday party as party bags!

Finally, a brand that isn’t new to us but one that both Wills and I adore. Dotty Fish. He lives in his sandals in the summer and lives for his slippers in the winter. They are bringing out a new range soon with slightly harder soles, so keep an eye out for those!

There were so many brands at the event but these were the ones that stood out to me the most. Of course I will be sharing gift guides nearer to Christmas so keep an eye out for those if you always struggle with inspiration!

I was gifted samples at the event but was not obliged to share them. These were the products that I felt you’d like to see.

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