Celebrating Mother's Day with TreatBox - What Katy Said

Celebrating Mother’s Day with TreatBox

Inside: Review of the Mother’s Day box from TreatBox

Don’t you just love getting a parcel? It takes me right back to childhood, opening up presents and wondering what surprise was awaiting me! Even now as an adult, when I know what I’ve ordered, I still get super excited to open the parcel up to see what is inside!

I think that is why I love TreatBox, both as a gift option and a subscription service, because it is literally pretty things sent straight to your door.

I’ve been using TreatBox for a while but only ever for other people. I love that you get to choose from a huge selection of gifts and make each box personal to each recipient.

They love affirmations? Great, they have gifts with loads of positive messages on. They love tea? Great, they have gift ideas for that! Love cactuses? Yep, they even have a gift idea for that!

Something that is new to me is their ready-made boxes. So when they asked if I’d like to take a look I was really excited to see what I’d get. They have different themed boxes (mine is a Mother’s Day one) but they also have monthly themes which you can subscribe to if you wish.

Look at all the pretty things!

My box contained a very yummy biscuit, moisturiser, a face mask, a beautiful dish for all my bits and bobs and a beautiful scarf! A lovely treat for any woman to receive, don’t you think?

There are loads of different pricing options, with different sized boxes to suit every budget, which is great. I’ve always had a really positive experience so definitely recommend them if you never know what to get for women in your life.

I have an exclusive 10% off code for you to use on a Build Your Own TreatBox option. Simply add TAKE10OFF at the checkout to get the discount. Plus, if you head over to my Instagram page right now you can enter to win a box of your choosing. Giveaway ends 31st March 2019.

I received a Mother’s Day TreatBox in return for this review.

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