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Back to School Organisation Challenge

Inside: Organisational tips to help you settle back into a school routine and get ready for autumn.

After months and months of being at home, routines have gone out of the window and the house (if yours looks anything like mine) is fit to burst. But with schools due to go back next week we are finally going to have the time to get ourselves organised again. Hurrah!

Something that really helps me to focus is joining in with a challenge and so I have teamed up with Jen (Mum in the Madhouse) to create a 30-day challenge for the whole of September.

It is packed full of ways to help you get organised for school, get the home organised and also help you, as a family, keep up the good habits that you’ve created throughout lockdown.

Between us, we have 5 children ranging from pre-school to teens, so we will have lots of ideas to help you and your family get organised.


We will be running the challenge over on Instagram and would love for you to join in, either on your grid or through your stories using #BTSMums and tagging myself @whatkatysaiduk and Jen @muminthemadhouse. We really want it to motivate and inspire you to take action to take back control of your life.

As you can see, it is made up of 30 prompts. Jen and I will be using the prompts to share our ideas with you, showing you behind the scenes and hopefully motivating you to try out the different tips too.

30 days to take back control

Each day will cover different aspects that Jen and I thought would help us and you to feel more in control and allow us more time with our families in the long run. We want to help you create long term habits and processes that will make life easier.

  1. Introductions – we will share the challenge on IG with the photo above – we’d love if you shared it far and wide with your followers so that as many people as possible find out about it.
  2. Back to school tips – do you have any tips to share? What have you found invaluable in the past?
  3. Back to school photo. It’s got to be done, hasn’t it?
  4. Reacclimatising/ quiet time – the kids are going to be exhausted, aren’t they? We’ll be share tips for helping them unwind after a busy day.
  5. Weekend breakfast/ brunch – a way to reconnect after a week apart.
  6. Delegation – it is not your job to look after the house – everyone needs to join in.
  7. School run routine – we’ll share our tips for making the process smoother and would love if you shared yours too.
  8. Paperwork – Paperwork mounts up quickly so we’ll share how we organise ours.
  9. Homework – Creating a space for kids to do their homework helps them to focus – we’ll show you our set up and would love to see yours.
  10. Favourite family meal – What is your favourite? We’d love you to share!
  11. Clear out bag – those receipts and biscuit crumbs build up quickly! Clear out yours today!
  12. Super Saturday – Let the kids choose the activities or plan a fun day out. Time together is the order of the day!
  13. Meal planning – it saves time and money, let’s do it together!
  14. Daily habits – you all need to look after yourselves. Do you take your vitamins like clockwork? Do you read before bed? Time to set up some new habits.
  15. Toy storage – Kids are back at school, time to have a big clear out and organise of their toys.
  16. Conversation starters – do your kids tell you they did nothing and played with nobody? Yeah… us too. We’ll be sharing ways to get the conversation started.
  17. Lunch ideas – packed lunches can become boring and don’t forget your lunch too! We will share some ideas and would love your input too.
  18. Sleep hygiene – how many hours do you get?
  19. Outdoor seasonal switch – the darker days and rainy weather is on its way so we need to sort out the garden.
  20. Batch cooking – such a timesaver. Have you ever tried it?
  21. Family calendar – With clubs, parties and other commitments in the diary, it can be hard to organise without a central place.
  22. Laundry – a load a day keeps the washing at bay!
  23. Budgeting – Christmas is coming up – let’s look at ways to get saving!
  24. Medicine cupboard/ first aid kit – with cuts and scrapes a plenty, you need to have your kit stocked up!
  25. Clothing switch – goodbye summer, hello autumn/ winter!
  26. Car switch – take out the buckets and spades and switch to a winter kit. We’ll show you what we keep in ours.
  27. Autumn clean – like a spring clean but in autumn! Time to get out the pumpkin spice candles!
  28. Make every day special – help those dull days feel like extraordinary days. We’ll show you how!
  29. Intentions – We will share how we set our intentions for the day to motivate us.
  30. ‘Me time’ – It’s been a busy month – let’s focus on you!

More than a challenge

This isn’t just about taking photos and sharing them, we want to help you to make lasting changes. So as well as Instagram posts, we will also be doing lives together and sharing blog posts with helpful resources to get you sorted.

We can’t wait to get started, can you?

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