Making reading fun with Reading Eggs Junior

Reading is the foundations to all learning, the building blocks of everything they will ever come across. It is something I feel very strongly about as a teacher and as a parent, and it makes me so sad when children aren’t given the introduction that is so very important in life.

Lils is starting nursery in a few days, starting her education journey within the school system. Her learning isn’t just beginning though as I have been giving her opportunities to learn since the day she was born.

Parents don’t realise how easy it is to help a child learn, how simple things can actually be more powerful than they seem. By reading to a child every day, you are showing them the skills of turning pages, that words have a meaning – it doesn’t matter if they can’t yet read them themselves.

Over the last few weeks we have been trialling out a brand new app – Reading Eggs Junior. We have also been trialling out Reading Eggs with Gracie so keep an eye out for that review in a few weeks.

The junior version is aimed at pre-school aged kids like Lils though and is perfect for getting them interested in stories, songs and sounds.

Lils loves using the tablet so it immediately grabbed her interest. The bright colours and happy music pulled her in further and the fact that it has different sections that she can navigate herself had her hooked.

Her favourite section is the story books as she likes that she can swipe and it looks like the pages are actually turning. The first time she did it she was so excited – as if it were magic!

My favourite bit is the fact that I can log in and see her progress. I like to keep track of how she is getting on, how many books she has looked through and listened to so I can ask her about them.

The great thing about Reading Eggs Junior is there is absolutely no pressure applied to the child. It doesn’t seem as though they are ‘learning’ at all as they are happily listening to stories, watching videos and finding out about different letters.

Lils thinks she is playing a game and is totally unaware that she is actually learning – that is the best way to learn!

Here’s a little video I put together to show you a little more as photos don’t do it justice….

I am really impressed by the whole system and although we were given a free trial for the program, we have already decided to go ahead and buy a pass for the year.

I am really excited to be able to offer you a free 5-week trial so you can have a play too! Just head over to the Reading Eggs Junior site and you’ll be taken to a page to sign up. You must claim your 5 weeks before the end of September though so get going!

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