Center Parcs Woburn Forest – A Long Weekend Break

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The last few months have been so hectic, with big changes happening that have meant finding family time has been difficult. We normally try to get away every couple of months but having a new baby has meant we have stayed close to home and time has just whizzed by! Now that Wills is that bit older we felt that it was time to get away and try and reconnect as a family and where better to do that than Center Parcs?

I have been to Longleat Forest before so am familiar with Center Parcs but have never been to Woburn Forest and Mr F has never been to any of the estates. I had tried my best to describe it and so we were all so excited to have a long weekend full of family fun and adventures!

We arrived Friday afternoon and found our lodge easily and quickly. Everything is clearly signposted and the estate isn’t too big, so not too difficult to navigate around. The lodge was immaculate and had everything we needed (meaning we didn’t need to bring too much with us from home) including a great family grocery pack. It is like home from home which is just what you need when travelling with young kids isn’t it?

Once we had unpacked the car, we took it up to the car park and went to hire our bikes. That is one of my favourite things about Center Parcs, the fact that there are no cars around and everyone has to walk or cycle. I found a real love for cycling on my last visit and have had it renewed this time. We hired a bike with a trailer for the littlies and a bike with a tag-along for Gracie. The girls want us to get them for home now, they had so much fun!

After a sunset bike-ride we headed home for some dinner and an early night before our fun-packed weekend began.

We all slept so well and Wills slept through for the very first time! We will have to go back soon to recreate that magic! Just as well as we had a lot planned for our Saturday – starting off with swimming!

The Subtropical Swimming Paradise has a baby pool, a bigger pool, water slides, rapids and a lazy river – everything you need to have a great time! We spent most of the time in the baby pool but the girls also enjoyed floating around the lazy river on our laps.

The girls started off the weekend a little nervous of water. The pair of them are terrible, hating having their hair washed even, but by the end they were dunking their heads and standing in splash zones. Gracie really enjoyed the wave machine and wanted to go right down to the front – a total turnaround.

The park is just around the corner from the pool and the girls spent a good time climbing up the ropes and balancing along bridges. To see them laughing and smiling together was so lovely, they miss each other so much when they are at school, so time like this is so important.

The afternoon was all about den building – one of the family activities you can book in. Whenever we go walking in the woods we always see dens and the girls always want to make one so this was the perfect activity for them!

Our finished den! Gracie wanted to keep it forever bless her – I hadn’t the heart to tell her it would be taken down within a couple of hours for the next family. It was so much fun though, a great team building exercise and one that any age can join in with.

We had dinner in The Shearing House and the food was delicious!

After our dinner we took ourselves outside to take a few family photos before the sun went down. Honestly we couldn’t have been luckier with the weather – just glorious! We then went bowling, only the second time the girls have been, and had such a laugh!

The girls beat me of course – I think I need to start using the ramps!

Sunday was Mothers Day and Wills treated me to another full night of sleep, hurrah! We had a busy day planned again but this time with more relaxing activities. Mr F and I were booked into the spa for the morning and the kids were booked into the Activity Den.

I was a little anxious about leaving Wills but the ladies in the creche were absolutely amazing and put me at ease straight away. They are all OFSTED registered and you honestly couldn’t wish for lovelier people to care for your little ones. Wills was perfectly happy when I left him and was full of smiles when I picked him up.

The Aqua Sana Spa is so relaxing and there is so much to do. From a dip in the infinity pool to chilling in the salt spa, everything leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

After a time in the spa itself it was time for our treatments. I had an amazing volcanic mud wrap – I was so relaxed I fell asleep! My skin was so soft afterwards too so if you are feeling stressed and want to rejuvenate your skin then it is a must! Mr F had a Swedish back massage and found out that he has damage in his neck – the lady who performed the massage really knew what she was doing and eased his neck and his stiff calf muscles from running.

While we had been in the spa, the girls had been busy in the Chocolate Chefs Academy. They had such a great time and performed a little song for us!

We spent the afternoon back in the pool and then went off for another explore on our bikes. I was never really an outdoorsy person before I had children but they love nothing more than exploring outside and it has made me love it too.

This sculpture was added to the estate after Center Parcs ran a competition for children to submit designs. The winning design was from a 13 year old girl called Eliza and I can see why they chose it. As we stood in front of the tree I looked at my family and truly felt connected in that moment. Family is everything and our time away has brought us back together again, reconnecting us and creating memories that I will treasure forever.

The last holiday we went on was as a family of 4 but now we have memories as a family of 5. Time passes us by so quickly and I know that I will look back on these photos of my little ones and wonder how they grew up so fast. It is so important to make time for each other and Center Parcs helped us to do that, to bring us together.

Here is a little video of our time away…

Have you been to Center Parcs before? Do you need to reconnect with your family?

We were invited to Center Parcs Woburn Forest but all words and thoughts are my own. A huge thank you to Center Parcs for having us!

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  1. Looks like a super break. I don’t how Center Parcs do it, you spend the whole time whizzing everywhere and yet get to feel totally relaxed! Doesn’t seem possible does it?! I love Center Parcs and it’s brilliant for big kids too. Elinor x

  2. We went along to Center Parcs Sherwood forest, and it was the most amazing holiday ever. My kids still talk about it today, and want to go back. It looks like you had a fantastic weekend, but I am not surprised. I don’t think you can not have an amazing time there.

  3. Centre Parcs is on my wishlist as we have never been and it is certainly our kind of holiday. Looks like you all had a wonderful time

  4. Centre Parcs is great fun! I spent plenty of time in the spa when I was last there… but I wish I had kids to be involved in more activities!

  5. Such gorgeous photos Katy! This looks like a fab family break and how fun that you went swimming and den building with the kids. I’m so jealous that you got some spa time – well deserved I say 🙂 x

  6. Oh wow, this looks absolutely amazing! I can’t believe you built a den, that’s definitely right up our alley we love outdoorsy things like that 🙂 It’s look so good as well. Yayy for baba sleeping through, how has he been since you got home? We desperately need a break so I’ll have to show Michael and see what he thinks! xx

  7. Love Center Parcs. Going to Longleat for the third time in June for our girlie weekend. The lodges are fantastic really home from home. We all look forward to our weekend there. Just a lovely relaxing time.

  8. We are huge fans of Center Parcs and have been to Whinfell around 13 times, and I was lucky to visit Woburn before it opened to the public. I always said I would love to return to see how everything has grown. I totally agree that Center Parcs allows you to reconnect as a family. And with having a teenager in the family, holidays are precious time spent all together. Glad Will managed to sleep through, and no better place to spend Mothers Day x

    1. Post

      Oh that was amazing I bet! It looks as though it has only just opened it is that clean and well maintained so you’d probably notice that straight away xx

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