CMPA: The Story Of My Allergy Babies {Video}

I have documented our CMPA journey but never really spoken about the start of our journey, the doctor that laughed at me or the weeks of screaming we had to endure when Lils was a newborn. If you are sitting there wondering whether your baby has a milk allergy then hopefully this vlog will help you to know you aren’t alone, that it will be ok in the end.

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  1. Hi Katy, your story is so moving. My daughter has CMPA as well and I too struggled to convince drs that something was wrong with her despite showing them the green poo! So wonderful that your kids are growing out of it though 🙂 Wanted to ask you, when did you start the milk ladder with your daughter? At 12 months?

    1. Hey Nina! I was scared of trying so I think it was more like 18 months. I’m due to start it again with Wills, he is 14 months now and I’m putting it off! Might try after Christmas haha!!

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