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I’ve gone through so many fashion stages over the years. As a child my mum dressed me in hideous floral dresses, as a pre-teen I wore ghastly orange blouses and as a young teen I decided that girlie clothes weren’t for me and wore those delightful pop up tracksuit bottoms. I have to say that at each stage I did like what I was wearing, it is only now that I look back and cringe! What must I have looked like?!!

I don’t think I ever truly felt myself in the clothes I wore though, I was easily swayed by what my friends were wearing and so just copied them (big thanks to my friend Katherine for the tracksuit trend haha!). The one time I really felt like I had found my own style was when I moved away to university and didn’t know a soul. I was able to choose who I wanted to be and that included a total restyle and overhaul of my wardrobe. Turned out I really loved fashion and I ended up spending most of my student loan on clothes… whoops!!

But… it all started to go wrong again when I became a teacher. I fell into the trap of wearing ‘safe’ clothes and in the end I looked like a frump. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that for the last 5 years I have been a mum, putting others before myself and paying little to no attention to what I looked like. Most days I looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards and I only ever made an effort if I went out – that’ll be never then.

Yesterday I posted my 6 week postpartum update and shared how I am feeling so much more confident now. This body confidence has given me the push I needed to make more of an effort with my appearance and that has meant dressing more thoughtfully each day rather than chucking on leggings, sticking my hair in a mum bun and leaving my makeup to gather dust!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do wear my hair in a mum bun most days haha, who doesn’t? But I am spending time each morning to put on some makeup and choose a nice outfit to wear. That extra effort helps me to feel prepared to face the day – believe me with 3 kids you need all the help you can get!!

Feeling great 6 weeks postpartum

My latest obsession is pinafores! As soon as I see one hanging on a rail I am drawn to it. I now own 3 and I don’t imagine I will stop there. They are great for breastfeeding too so I reckon I need lots, don’t you? The one above is from George at Asda and I adore it. It is a stretchy denim so is really comfortable and goes with absolutely everything!

Asos dress

Another pinafore but more of a swingy skater style. I wore it with a white t-shirt a few weeks ago and felt like a waitress, so best sticking with stripes here haha! I am a big fan of black (another one of my pinafores is black too) although I am trying to introduce more colour into my wardrobe these days. This one is from ASOS and is actually listed in the nursing clothes section. I got a few bits from there as they are great value for money and always on trend.

matalan stripy dress

This one is my new favourite – although look it isn’t a pinafore! The only reason I bought it was because I needed to spend a little more to qualify for free delivery on my new Christmas pyjamas from Matalan! Ha! So glad I chose it though as with buttons down the front I can feed Wills easily and it is just so comfy. I wore it on my night out with the reception mums last week and I felt great! All of these outfits are teamed with tights and I have been trying out the Light Legs tights from Scholl. Basically they have compression zones that help circulation but also give you a more shapely leg – perfect!!

new look coat

Last but not least – my new coat! I wasn’t sure when I first tried it on as it did feel a bit like a dressing gown, but the more I have worn it the more I am just loving it! Everyone needs a new winter coat and I am really pleased with mine. It was a bargain at under 40 quid in New Look too – can’t go wrong!

So those are a few outfits I am loving right now. I had been a little reluctant to buy new clothes as I didn’t want to waste money when I knew I wouldn’t stay this size for long. But then I realised that it is important to feel good right now and I have no idea how long it will take to lose my mummy tummy. That is if I ever lose it! I am losing weight fairly quickly though as with cutting out dairy and soya I am left with very little on the menu!!

Rose Gold watch

The other thing I am doing now is accessorising! It can make such a difference to an outfit if you add a scarf or a necklace. Rose gold is a big trend now isn’t it and I have a fab new Krug Baüman watch to accessorise with, I am trying to stop using my phone so much in the day so having a watch means I don’t have to look at my phone (and then get sucked into social media). 

Getting dressed and doing my makeup in the morning is just that little bit of me time that I need to keep me feeling sane. I have spent so many years putting others first that I began to resent it a little. Now I get time for myself and it has a positive knock on effect to everything else I do that day. Plus, the more I look after myself the better I feel and the better I feel the more I want to look after myself – great news all round!

What trends are you loving this season? Do you manage to make time for yourself?

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  1. I absolutely love this post. You look amazing and that coat!!!!!!! I can’t believe how good you look with three kids too. I was just saying to Adam I need to have a wardrobe overhaul, it’s such a mix of rubbish xx

  2. Great post – I can completely relate to the following friends trends. When I look back I think I was trying to find my self but easily swayed too. Now Im older I love most trends though I cant afford to wear them but particularly enjoy funky brights and patterns and some bling. I like variation depending on the day but I do wish I dared to dress this way before. Its only taken me until 31 to know what I like haha x

  3. You look beautiful in all these photos. I can’t believe you just had Will!!! I love a pinafore too and I really think I need one in my wardrobe. I am still wearing maternity clothes and I have no excuse as I am not breast feeding. I need to get out of the style rut that I am in and buy some new clothes. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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  4. i really enjoyed this post and one i can totally relate too. im the ultimate frumpy mummy. now currently 8 months pregnant the 2nd time round, ive been telling myself i will make more of an effort this time after baby is born. i went into a bit of body shock after my first son was born, and was in denial about how my body had changed. my clothes didn’t fit the same, even though i was the same weight, nothing was the same anymore. so i let myself go a bit, got very lazy, i haven’t worn foundation in years! the mum bun is my go to hair style, i haven’t colored my hair in 2 years, this really needs to change. your post is inspiring to make the changes! 🙂

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      I think sometimes when your body shape changes and your clothes dont fit you can easily assume you are bigger. But it is all about finding the styles that flatter you. And even if you had got bigger, embrace who you are right now and be happy – life is too short to do anything else. xxx

  5. Totally wanting that rose gold watch for me now.. accessorising is one thing I need help with. Choosing non-frumpy clothes is the other ???? Love your style, and wearing clothes you love always makes you shine I think!

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