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When I started blogging 10 months ago I didn’t have a clue what was involved. My early posts were utter tripe, they really were! I would get so excited to see that some random person somewhere in the world would be reading it and it made me feel good. My stats in the early days made me happy- 4 people read my blog! Amazing!

Life As AFast forward to now and I still find it amazing that anyone anywhere reads my blog- except now it is 1000’s of people! I have built up my Twitter following from zero to 2,600 ish, my Facebook page is growing day on day and I feel like I am finally getting a grip on Instagram!

It isn’t easy though, I learned very early on in life that you don’t get anything for free. I knew when I started this blog that I wanted it to be more than a hobby, that is not to say that there is anything wrong with anyone who blogs for fun- some of my absolute favourite bloggers do it for the sheer joy of writing. It just isn’t for me, I want to turn it into something that will hopefully one day support my family. Of course I do love writing, it is a passion I never even knew I had!!

What does my blogging day look like?

We wake up at 7am and go downstairs for breakfast, while the girls eat theirs I check my emails, Twitter and Facebook. I have to be careful not to get sucked in to social media otherwise I would probably get nothing else done!

At 9.30am Little L goes for a 2 hour nap. Wednesday-Friday Little G is at nursery so I use this time to catch up with any commenting. Some days it takes the whole two hours just to reply to comments on my blog, visit other blogs and comment on any linky posts I am involved in.

Throughout the day I have my phone to hand, updating Instagram, posting on Twitter and Facebook. I try my best not to look at it too often so I can play uninterrupted with my girls but I really struggle with this- especially as my phone acts as my camera so I often catch sight of a notification and get hooked!

Once Mr F gets home it is dinner time and then the bedtime routine kicks in. They are both really good so our evenings are our own after 7.30pm most nights. I work from 7.30- 11pm, this has caused issues in the past as Mr F felt like I was never around. However, with the introduction of a ‘dateΒ night‘ every Wednesday he is much happier and understands that for this to be my job I must work at it.IMG-20150312-WA0002For those 3 1/2 hours I will write posts, enough for 2-3 a day, reply to any outstanding comments, schedule Facebook posts, reply to emails and if I have time I will deal with any blog admin (updating Β plugins etc..). To say blogging has taken over my life would be an understatement, it takes up all of my spare time- which isn’t much when you have 2 toddlers to tidy up after!!

On top of that I have my real life job as a teacher too, I only work part time but it adds to the workload doesn’t it?

Why do I do it?

I love this world, I have my own space and have complete control over everythingΒ I write. I love interacting with people, whether it be through a tweet or comments on my blog. Running a linky is fab, reading and commenting on everyone’s posts does take time but I love it. I have received so many heartfelt comments over the last few months, people enjoying being a part of our small community. Reading other people’s blogs inspires me every day, getting to know people I wouldn’t have chance to meet in real life is fantastic- you all make me want to be a better person. I am so much happier than I was a year ago- I finally feel like I am comfortable in my own skin.

Of course a great part of blogging is the opportunities it can bring, I have worked with incredible brands, am a Mumbassador for Britax and have also started working as a freelance blogger for a great business. I have also been lucky enough to attend the MAD Blog Awards and Blogfest last year! I have already booked tickets to Britmums and BlogOn and cannot wait to see some great friends there!

The workload may be heavy but itΒ is my passion and I am going to continue for as long as the blogging world will have me, hopefully that will be for a very long time!

Is your blog your job or a hobby?

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Katy is a wife, mum of three and professional blogger. Her blog, What Katy Said, aims to inspire other mums to get organised and make the best out of every day.


  1. At the moment it’s my hobby. But who knows once this baby is born what it will become. It drives the husband nuts too! I’m still not sure what means something is good, what isn’t goo. Added to the having to build presence in Dubai as well as keep presence in the UK as that’s where I am from and where I will come back to then I really dont know! But I’m excited to find out xx

    1. It is an exciting world! It never makes sense what will be deemed good or now, just write what you enjoy writing about and that is the most important thing. If you start writing for stats then you will soon start to hate it x

  2. See, I thought I wanted to do it as a job but I’m not sure that I can go to the effort that you do. So for now it’s just a hobby – perhaps when the little miss starts nursery I can plough more time and effort into it.

    I know you will make this your job because you are so determined and damn good at what you do.

    Love you.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. That is lovely of you to say Jenna, your blog is amazing and if you ever decided to put in the extra hours then you could do it as a job too. But Jasmine has to come first now and having it as a hobby is still amazing- I love your blog, you know that xxx

  3. I’m starting to think of my blog as being a job now too – just need to register as being self-employed now. I know what you mean about being excited about 4 people reading in the early days and how blogging takes over your life. It can easily take me two hours to catch up with the comments on my blog and comment on linkys – thankfully hubby knows how much I love doing this and is very understanding – as long as I switch off from time to time and give him so proper attention too! So glad that you feel so passionate about blogging too – always love reading your posts πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I am glad you’ve managed to make it work for you. Was so lovely to meet you at blogfest too, maybe I’ll see you around at Britmums πŸ™‚

  5. I loved this post Katy and I think from an outsiders point of view it’s hard to wonder why blogging is hard work- I certainly work harder on my blog than I ever did on my full time career, and I was in a high up managerial position!
    My blog is both my hobby and my job- I feel very fortunate that my job is something I love to do, although from my blog I also do marketing and social media for companies so it doesn’t just come directly from my blog- my background is online marketing. But yes my blog is my job and I love it so much, it’s hard work but I still have to pinch myself that I get to do this and be at home with my babies. Blogging is such a wonderful thing and I feel so thankful I started mine four years ago. xx

    1. I so so wish I had started 4 years ago when I was first pregnant. I just didn’t even know this world existed! Your blog is fab and that is why your has been able to become a career too. x

  6. Hi Katy! I would love to know how do you divide your time between creating content. Do you do 50-50 or how do you manage it? From your experience what have been the best channels for market? In other words, what how have you grown and established your readership? Hope you find a moment to answer this question πŸ™‚ Well done on growing your blog so rapidly while creating such good quality content! Not everybody can do that.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! To answer your question, I would say I spend maybe 70% of my time reaching out, commenting etc.. I think that is why I spend so many hours a day blogging. The amount of time many people spend doing the whole thing, I spend just on the commenting. That means I have to put in extra hours to actually create content. I don’t mind it though as I love it so much. As for the best channel- for me it is Twitter, I have spent the most time building my followers there. Although if you can break into the Facebook market that is great. Facebook is a hard one though because as a platform it doesn’t like people promoting themselves. Hope that helps! x

  7. I think people outside of the blogging world struggle to even comprehend what we do and why we do it. My blog is my third baby, my hobby and my job and I am very grateful for it all. I have never worked harder on anything in my entire life and I have been a office manager of 30+ employees. But it has changed my life blogging in so many different ways. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    1. I have never been so dedicated to anything. As a teacher I probably put in the same amount of hours in the evenings but I didn’t enjoy it all the time, I love this, every second. xx

  8. For me my blog is a hobby as i just do not have the time nor energy to dedicate to it with having two such young children. I am in awe of people who manage to do it and also work though so well done . I had no idea you had only been blogging 10 months i thought you had been blogging much longer, you have done brilliant in such a short space of time. Totally agree that social media and commenting other blogs / replying to comments takes so much time and people who do not blog have no idea how much time and effort it takes to grow a blog. x #sharewithme

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I am not sure I have the energy (always complaining I am tired) but when I set my mind to something I get a bit obsessed. I can never put my laptop down!! x

  9. Well done for having the dedication and motivation to come so far in such a short space of time. It seems like you are well on your way to making it your job, and you deserve it. I struggle to keep on top of my own blog a lot of the time and then when I do sit down to work on it it always seems to be at the expense of something else. I’d love to do some kind of freelance writing as a career though. It would be wonderful to turn my blog into a means of living but for now it is just my hobby πŸ™‚

  10. I love love your blog and I love reading about how you schedule your day πŸ™‚ You are SO organised – so much more than me! I’ll be taking tips from you πŸ™‚ #sharewithme

  11. Onwards and upwards, well done! You’ve achieved so much and I hope you realise your dream of going pro.

    Blogging is hard work, if you want to grow your blog. I didn’t realise how much hard work it involves until I start late last year. I avoid thinking of how many hours it takes.

    You’re doing fab with the way you’re managing it.

  12. You work so hard and it shows. Your blog is full packed with amazing posts, and you should be so proud. I simply would love to put more time in but I just don’t seem to find the extra hours! You’re my hero! Jess x

  13. Love this post Katy, I’m just starting out and reassured to hear how things have developed for you. I am just going to keep writing and reading and hope that I’m still going in 12 months time!

  14. What a great post, very inspiring! It’s amazing how much time can be spent on a blog and sometimes it’s so difficult to squeeze it in between family time.

    At the moment I’m blogging as a hobby but the more I think about it the more I’d like to take it further. Reading posts like this give me the encouragement to go for it so thank you!

  15. Hey Katy

    I have literally just ‘Liked’ you on Facebook. I have come across a couple of your posts via Twitter now and I love each one. The design of your blog is very appealing to me.

    I have restarted blogging recently and it’s definitely something you work at if you want the opportunities. Many people think they come for free but building a following is harder then it looks! You’re doing great – keep it up xx

  16. Looks like all of your hard work has really paid off! It is inspiring to see someone who is so passionate about what they do and write! As a new blogger I aspire to have what you have. Keep up the good work!

  17. Great post!
    I’d love my blog to be my job one day!!
    You sound so busy with doing it as well as managing your ‘real life’ job I think it’s amazing that you mange both!!!

  18. I guess it depends what you mean by hobby. I work full time, so my blog is my hobby, however I do earn from it as well. And the time I spend on it is like a second full time job. I love it and that’s why I do it, but the OH hates it, and doesn’t recognise the opportunities I get, let alone the additional skills I’ve learnt over the 2.5-3 years I’ve been doing it. Working full time does mean I miss out on a lot of opportunities though.

    1. Definitely not just a hobby then I wouldn’t say. Not that it really matters to be honest as long as you enjoy what you do. Mr F didn’t understand for a long time but when he gets to enjoy the perks he suddenly gets it! Ha! x

  19. I would LOVE for my blog to be my job but it’s just a hobby that I pretend is my job hehe! I work full time and can’t see how I can ever make what I do in my job through my blog so it’s just a dream that I have! I mean, where do I even start next to a full time job?! Can I be a full time employee and a self employed person? So many questions that I don’t need the answers to! You are doing an amazing job lady, you should be very proud of yourself πŸ™‚ xx

    1. I can’t help with the balancing part- although the fact you manage it at all plus a job is just amazing, I am not sure I could do it! But I can tell you that you can indeed be self employed AND employed. And the best bit is they fall under different tax brackets so you can earn something like 5000 tax free self employed even if you are over the tax free bracket for employed πŸ™‚ x

  20. You do so well and have achieved loads My blog isn’t a job, but the boundaries are very hazy because my freelance work comes from my blog really. Phil often feels neglected too, it’s a hard balance to strike xx

  21. Firstly, let me say that I love your blog. It is inspiring and full of such useful info!! Thank you.

    In answer to your question, it is one of those things that I am so unsure of. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it to become more than just a hobby but also question whether I can find the time and confidence to make that leap. I have only just got back into my blogging after baby arrived, so am taking it step by step…..but as they say from little acorns mighty oaks grow! x

    1. Small acorns indeed. I am not the most confident person but I have to be to get where I want to be. The more I tell myself I am confident the more true it becomes xx

  22. 3.08am, just done night feed no3 with my 8 week old baby, contemplating whether I’m ever going to find time to blog. Just nosed on Twitter and came across your post. I found it very inspiring that you can teach, be a Mum to 2 toddlers, be a wife and maintain a blog & social media. I’m going to keep trooping on, thank you x

    1. Aww thank you. The trick is organisation. Lists lists and more lists. With a baby though, don’t put too much pressure on yourself at the moment. I could barely find time to brush my hair when mine were small xx

  23. Hi! Loved this post, and your blog! I’m so new I haven’t even published a blog yet but as a mum to 4 very small children I’m gagging to get involved! I still don’t understand some of the terminology or how to link up etc haha! Any others tips for a complete novice would be great thank you! Xxx and well done! Xxx

  24. Great insight! Mine is a hobby at the minute but I’d love to one day make it my job. I don’t feel like I have enough technological knowledge on how to make my blog more professional – the behind the scenes bits… Any tips? And how do you find inspiration to write up to three posts a day? I’m struggling with one a week!

    1. Sometimes I look at my calendar and worry I have nothing to write but somehow I manage it and get a bit overwhelmed at times. Having regular features helps as I know I am going to write them each week. If you want to look professional then a paid theme is definitely the way forward! x

  25. I would love to start a blog chatting about everyday life, my love for crochet, sharing my work, chat about products I’ve tried and tested (ones I’ve bought or been given as gifts etc). Basically like a micro blog but with more than 140 characters and have it as a little something to keep me from going stir crazy!

  26. I loved this post. I have just started blogging about a month that ago and if I could turn it into a job that would be wonderful. I find it a bit scary sometimes worrying if I am posting too little, as I get so busy during the day it is hard to keep up with twitter. Although I would probably get more people actually reading and commenting on my blog if I found more time. So awesome that you have found a way to organize your time, and I am sure you will be able to turn your blog into a full-time job in no time πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Tania, organisation is definitely the key (and having a supportive husband who doesn’t mind being ignored 80% of the time) xx

  27. I have only been blogging for around 3 weeks and feel like it is gradually taking over my life already lol. I have almost 10 times more followers on all my networks than when I started and am spurred on every time I get a new follower, like or comment. I do have one question for you though, when did you first host a linky? Or rather when should you start thinking about hosting one? X

    1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Glad you are loving it! I started my blog in May last year and I think it was the October time I started #HappyDaysLinky and then #KidsCorner was last month πŸ™‚ x

  28. Congratulations on your success so far! I just found your blog through twitter so am going to read more of your posts now. I can relate to your excitement about 4 people reading your blog, I just started and am really excited about having 3 subscribers!

  29. Wonderful blog post! I have been blogging for awhile. But, I’m trying to make my hobby into a job. It’s been busy work trying to get more visitors. It’s always great to see what popular bloggers do, so I can succeed at having a popular blog.

  30. I’m finding a lot of your posts really helpful as I’m a hobby-ing blogger with aspirations of making it a job, one day! I find it a challenge to make enough time to write posts ahead of schedule but having read your daily routine, I think I need to make that time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. My blog is a hobby but it does take up a lot of time! When I started it last year I had no idea it would be so time consuming and it’s so easy to get sucked into the social media side isn’t it. I do a bit when/if my son has a nap but most of mine is done when he’s in bed. My husband gets to watch his rubbish on netflix while I blog but it has caused arguments. He doesn’t get it and is always moaning that I should be doing more for our business in my spare time (something to make us money) rather than something that doesn’t make any money like blogging!

    1. It is hard when they don’t understand isn’t it? Mr F only started to ‘get it’ once I started getting paid for my blog- now he plays his ps4 and keeps quiet haha! x

  32. Hi Katy- love your blog. This is so encouraging, thanks for sharing. I’ve been blogging for four years now, mainly because writing is my therapy (!) and because lots of people started to connect with what I wrote and I’ve had a lot of encouragement to keep going. I really admire you for doing it alongside a part time job, that’s pretty tough. I’m thinking now about trying to make money out of my blog but where on Earth do you start? I have adverts on my blog but they hardly make anything. Do you contact companies to write reviews etc.? Any tips greatly appreciated! X

    1. I had adverts too but I think unless you have 100s of thousands of pageviews they don’t make much, took mine off in the end. I made sure to grow my social media following, brands like that and then they just seem to start approaching once you are visible. x

  33. Wow, I massively admire how focused you are! And you definitely have the technical side of blogging figured out!!
    I’m 2 months into my blogging journey and I’m still very new to it, I’m still shocked how big the mummy blogger community is! Still not managed to crack Twitter yet but I seem to get alot of post shares through Facebook. Do you have any tips for a newbie? X

    1. It really is huge isn’t it? To think there were so few a couple of years ago!! Great we all get to share our voices though. That is great if you get shares through FB, I haven’t really cracked that one yet! Twitter really is all about posting often so you are seen in people’s feeds. I use social oomph and it is perfect for that! x

  34. Thanks for posting this hun. I have been blogging for just over a year and only have something like 90 followers and 200 on Twitter.What’s your secret??I thought my content was engaging but maybe because my blog is about my weight loss journey, that’s why I don’t have a lot of footfall?I have a few loyal readers who are also bloggers on a similar topic. I would love to have my blog as my career as it would be my dream to get paid to write. It’s hard not to feel deflated when I am trying so hard to make my blog look good. I currently used a free wordpress theme but see that you blog really looks the part! How can I do this without spending money?Wordpress themes limit customisation when you’re a free member and I don’t have the money to put into the blog initially to make it look unique.

    1. Hi Natasha! You are in a niche with your blog but niches are great!! People love to look up recipes so if you spend time taking great photos of everything you eat then that would be a fabulous resource for others looking to lose weight. If you want to be successful you do ideally need your own url though so perhaps if you cannot afford to go self hosted and get a theme then maybe consider moving to blogger? xx

  35. Hello! I really like your blog!! It’s amazing! I hope one day that my blog will be as successful as yours, though i just started it! However i love writing about things that i find interesting and money doedn’t play a big role for me at this point! But I’d like to know some tipps to reach success and make your blog known. <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much Katherine, that has really made my day. Honestly my only tip would be to blog for you and nobody else. As long as you enjoy it then people will relate. x

  36. Great post, really inspiring. It sounds like you really enjoy doing it too!
    I only started my blog about a month ago but I already love doing it. For now its just a hobby but I guess I’d love it to be more than that in the future.

  37. This basically describes my life! Lol. I’m hoping to turn it into something that can support my family as well. I often hear that bloggers who start blogging to make money won’t last, but I think differently! I have just recently started and I’m already seeing improvements. Good luck!

    1. I think if it is just for money, for example my friends say ‘of I want to start a blog so I can get some free stuff’, so they would be the ones to fail. However I started with good intentions and have altered my approach so I can earn money too. Balance is good πŸ™‚

  38. This is a great post Katy! I really struggle with how time consuming blogging is, and even though I love the rewards, I am not ready to make if into a full time job. When I do make money off it it feels great but I am very careful not to commit to too much. Who knows, one day I might take the plunge and invest more of my time but I really like my happy medium x

  39. I’m also a teacher (full time). I’ve been blogging for years and never really realised until now how much work is involved in making it a success. It’s amazing that you’ve been able to build such a huge following in such s short time, but how do you balance it with teaching?

    1. I only do supply so the demands are not the same as full time. I don’t think I can ever go back to full time, cannot be doing with planning and staff meetings etc.. x

  40. I would love for my blog to be my full time job. Ironically, when I worked in radio I had all the time in the world to blog. As it were, I only really got into it once I found a full time day job! So I also work all day and then go home and do a few hours each day. It really can be a full time job. I don’t know how you do it with 2 small kids! Hopefully I’ll get there one day too πŸ™‚

  41. Katy, I remember reading one of your blogging tips pieces earlier this year, thinking I would never get to that sort of level / commitment. Now, your daily blogging schedule is so similar to what I’ve organically developed. Just love it! Hope I can keep it up ; ) thanks for the inspiration

  42. I have only just recently started blogging, mainly as a hobby and record of things that we do as a family, but these blogging tips are inspirational how people make a living from it, as others have said well done you for doing what you love and having the dedication to get it where it is today.

    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I love blogging and so wish I had started sooner. If you have the passion then you can get to where you want to be too xx

  43. Hi Katy this is a great post I love reading your blog. I’m. A new blogger and would love to know how you became a brand ambassador. I’m so new to this but I absolutely love my writing I’d love to blog professionally. Thanks for reading, another Katie!

    1. I approached them directly and they felt my blog was a good fit with the brand I’d say make sure you have a solid branding to your blog and just email some people, worst that can happen is they say no. Would say though, most start at the beginning of the year so maybe wait until next year now x

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