Our Story- Together at last!

Welcome back to Our Story- my trip down memory lane, sharing how I met Mr F and how finally after a lot of heartbreak we came to be Mr & Mrs. If you have missed the first 3 parts why not have a quick catch up!

Ok so we left the story as I had told him I could no longer be his friend. As I walked away in tears he had told me to stop. Good cliff hanger that- sorry!

love story


So there I am, crying my eyes out (in the middle of the street I might add) and he tells me he cannot be without me. So I turn around and say ok what about your girlfriend? ………… long silence………….. He doesn’t know. uh uhhhhhh wrong answer! At this point my bossy side came out (again) I had nothing to lose so I told him straight – if he wanted to be with me then he had to let her go. We couldn’t just be friends as it would never work.

Luckily for me he chose to be with me. I am forever sorry to his ex for what happened, I truly am and even though she is happily married now, so got her happy ending too, I don’t think I could ever look her in the eye for what we did. I cannot dwell on it too much though and what is meant to be will be!

So, after a year of knowing each other, being inseparable, we were finally a couple! I could not believe it actually and for a long time I felt as though I couldn’t hold his hand or call him my boyfriend. Something that really bothered me though were those 3 little words. If you’ll remember I had said them once before and that had ended in heartbreak.

I did let them slip a few times when I wasn’t watching my words and they were always met with the same frightened expression. This really bothered me as I so desperately wanted to hear that he loved me too. At times I felt as though maybe he didn’t love me, that I was just a friend to him, someone to keep him warm while he was away from home.

It was probably then that I began to ruin things. But more on that later…

We went home to our respective homes at Christmas. So different to the year before when I had pined after him, knowing how much I loved him and he could never be mine. Instead, I was going home knowing that I would have a boyfriend to go back to. As someone who grew up an ugly duckling, bullied at school, this was the most amazing feeling ever.

When we came back from the Christmas holidays (longest 3 weeks ever!) he told me to go look in his room, he had bought me an extra Christmas present (I have no idea what the other presents may have been, my memory isn’t that good!). I didn’t have a clue what he was on about and happily skipped off to see what it could be.



Sitting with a note was this funny little creature (who now sits on my dressing table), I am sure you will have seen them before. The note read: You have had the rest of me, now I give you my heart.

Cue the sobbing. He loved me!

He. Loved. Me.


Come back soon for the next part of the story ‘It’s not me, it’s you….’

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