Faking it at Blogfest

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go along to Blogfest! For anyone who doesn’t know it is a one day conference put on by Mumsnet- a chance for bloggers to get together and learn from great speakers.

I wasn’t sure whether to go at all actually- I am still so very new to the world of blogging and to be quite honest with you I was terrified. Would people talk to me? Would they even know who I was? I am such a shy person in ‘real’ life and am totally rubbish in group situations. Not really the type of person to mingle with others and promote myself to brands.

I woke up super early (not as early as some!) and found myself twiddling my thumbs at 6.15am. I hate to be late but my train wasn’t until 8am so that is a record even for me! Eventually it was time to go to the station and suddenly I felt very ill. My stomach began to churn and I wished I was going to zoo with my family instead!!

As I got closer to London a sense of calm came over me. I knew that I was going to have to muster all the bravery I could, to fake my way through the day. That’s not to say I wasn’t going to be myself- just be a more confident version of me.

InstagramCapture_ca2904cd-73be-4941-aaf8-96cea05180cd[1]My #trainselfie

I met up with a lovely group of bloggers at Kings Cross and suddenly felt at ease. These were not people to be feared, they were simply friends I had not met before. It is such a strange feeling to meet someone you feel you know already. As bloggers we invite people into our lives, share our highs and lows. This is such a unique friendship that many people will never understand.

I am not going to share everything I have learnt just now, I am sure you will see many a post about all of the different talks and fantastic speakers. But I will share one thing; the overall message of the day (at least what I took home from it all) was to be yourself. Lisa Jarmin (How to be a Domestic Disgrace) summed it up for me when she said that she told people she was a writer, people believed she was a writer, therefore she was a writer.

I started off the day feeling like I had to fake it to make it through the day. By lunchtime I was laughing away with other fantastic bloggers and by the end of the day, on the train journey home I truly believed that I was– I AM a blogger.

business cardRemember these as a child?

My proudest moment was handing out my business cards to brands. I could have kept them to myself, not put myself ‘out there’ to just be another card in their stack but I faked it. I handed them my cards (which I was pretty chuffed with!) and I chatted away as if I had been blogging for years!

I had the most amazing day and have come away with so much knowledge that I cannot wait to put into practice! I have also come away with a renewed sense of belief in myself. I CAN do this, even if I have to fake it for a little while.

faked it

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  1. love it i came away with a similar feeling no more yeah i sort of write a blog – i am a blogger all the way! loved meeting you and loved your business cards!

  2. Was totally feeling like that before getting to King’s Cross too! Was lovely to meet you – and you came across very confident so did a great job of “faking it”. You are a brill blogger, so no need to fake that x

  3. Oh my gosh – I could have written that post myself!!! I felt exactly the same as you and it certainly looks as though we both homed in on the same overall message to take away (mine is still in drafts though until I finish my commenting xx) I am just so pleased you came away with such positive vibes – I did too – such a shame we didn’t get to natter more as it sounds like we were both there with such similar anxieties about the day and ourselves! Hooray to us for overcoming them though!!! Go us!!!

    1. I know, there wasn’t enough time or space to chat! I will look forward to reading your post once it makes it out of drafts 😉 I am glad I braved it as I would have been so jealous if I had been reading about everyone else’s experience and I had sat at home!

    1. You should really try and go! There were so many interesting bits I learned throughout the day and I got to meet lovely bloggers! I would love to go again- even if it is just for the goodie bag!!

  4. Katy, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday. Although I felt like I’ve known you for ages. You appeared to be so confident. I would never have known that you’d been nervous about attending. In fact, I was a little in awe of how brilliant you were at talking to people. But I’m very sad that I never got one of your awesome business cards. I hope to see you soon. Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars

    1. I am literally going to save you a business card for the next time I see you!! Might even add glitter! 🙂 That is so lovely of you to say about me appearing confident, it was as if my body was taken over by someone else! I have to say though that if I hadn’t met up with you and the other lovely ladies I would have most likely left early. So glad we got to meet! xxx

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