Have a stress-free Christmas with Copas Turkeys

Baubles, tinsel, gift lists, wrapping, jingles, elves, mince-pies a calling – Christmas can get a little overwhelming, can’t it?

I tell myself each year that I will buy my presents in January, start writing cards in October and enjoy the season as it is meant to be enjoyed. But each year I leave everything to the last minute and end up resenting those pesky little elves!

One thing that can really cause people stress is organising the Christmas dinner. I have only ever hosted twice but this year it is our turn again and I need to start planning it all now.

We always get a huge turkey (I think I have watched far too many Christmas movies to ever settle for a simple crown) as I love the idea of a ceremonial carving at the table, with everyone tucking into a dinner to celebrate being together as a family. 

It can be a bit of a stressful time, sourcing a turkey, getting it delivered on time (or trying to stuff it in the freezer if you buy it early!) and making sure you have absolutely everything you need to make the day go off without a hitch.

Taking the stress out of Christmas dinner

This year we are going to be having ours from Copas Traditional Turkey’s and they invited us to go down to the farm before the big day. 

I was very interested to see what a turkey farm was like, to see how they are treated and how the whole process works. I tell you what, turkeys are just the funniest creatures – so inquisitive! The reason there are so many in this photo is because they all came to say hello! In reality, they have plenty of space to roam free.

They are free-range (and some are Organic which is simply down to their feed), with poly-tunnels and plants for shelter. They are even guarded by some burly alpacas – the best way to fend off foxes apparently! 

So why are Copas Turkeys different?

I’ll admit, I have always bought my turkey from a supermarket. But I have to say I am never overly impressed by the amount of meat or the quality of what is actually there. The thing is, unless you know better, you just carry on doing the same thing every year, don’t you?

Did you know, the different sized birds you find in the supermarket are down to the time in their lifecycle that the birds are killed. So to get a small bird, you effectively kill it during its teenage years – before it has reached full maturity. But if it hasn’t matured, it doesn’t have all of its meat and is just a carcass. 

Copas Turkeys are different because they have different breeds. All of which reach full maturity but are different in size at that point. So a small bird doesn’t mean you are getting a poor amount of meat and therefore great value for money compared to a small supermarket bird that is mainly bones!

Their turkeys are also hand-plucked and game hung to enhance and preserve the bird’s flavour, naturally. And it really shows!

The juiciest turkey you’ll have ever tasted

The Copas family has been rearing award-winning turkeys for over 60 years and we were lucky enough to be invited to lunch to see how it should be cooked. Turns out I have been doing it wrong all these years – we probably all have and that is why we think of turkey as being dry!

I don’t think I have ever seen such a juicy turkey, but then I have never seen a bird with so much meat on it. I am going to be sharing the timings for the perfect Christmas dinner in a few weeks but a lot of it is simply down to the fact that more meat means more juice! 

Something that I really like about the company is that they deliver the turkey oven-ready so you don’t need to worry about preparing it before the big day. You can also order the different accompaniments you need, including honey which is made on-site by local bee-keepers. 

If you want to take the stress out of Christmas, have everything delivered straight to your door and know that you are getting the very best value for money – Copas Traditional Turkeys tick all of those boxes.

Would you like to win a turkey for Christmas?

I have one turkey to give away to one lucky winner! All you have to do is complete the form below to be in with a chance. Good luck!

Copas Turkey

We are working in partnerships with Copas Traditional Turkey’s but all words and thoughts are my own. 

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  1. we usually always end up having chicken for Christmas coz I never get organised enough in time to order the turkey. It’d be great to have it sorted this year.

  2. It sounds delicious and as I’m cooking for visiting family as well as the four kids of us, it would be perfect.

  3. If I’m lucky enough to win this I shall have all the family over for Christmas Dinner and have the best Christmas lunch ever.

  4. This is the first Christmas I have my son home in 6 years so a great juicy turkey would be perfect to treat him

  5. Perfect for Christmas! It would be perfect for my partner and I and my stepson. My pug Reddington would also have a little taste!

  6. They sound delicious and I would imagine they are also more ethically farmed than a lot of supermarket turkeys. I’ve been trying to eat less meat throughout the year and just having it on special occasions. I can’t wait for my traditional Christmas dinner!

  7. I would love to win a turkey as i’m sure it will taste much better than the ones you can buy from the local shops

  8. I’ve never had turkey! Every christmas we do everything but so it would be nice to finally try it

  9. I only ever eat turkey at Christmas but I always enjoy it, bet this one will be even tastier.

  10. We are going to our daughters for Christmas Dinner and I could surprise her with this turkey prize

  11. I would love to win one as we are having my parents and my sister over and want to make it as special as possible for them.

  12. we have a shelter near us and every year they do Christmas dinner for people who cannot afford to have a Christmas day, so if I won I would donate it to them.
    Were having dinner at my nephews this year so wont need a turkey for ourselves this time round.

  13. I’d love to win as it’s my first Christmas with my partner and our new baby in our new flat too, this turkey would be perfect to enjoy on the day x

  14. My Auntie always buys in Copas Turkeys for Christmas and has said they are beautiful, I would love to win one for Christmas that would be amazing!

  15. Winning this would be wonderful treat for our extended family. I would use the money saved to buy myself a nice treat because I do all the work

  16. Copas Farm is local to us so that makes it all the more special. It’d be perfect for all the family!

  17. I’ve heard so much about Copas turkeys it would be amazing to treat my family this year! merry xmas!

  18. Its my favourite meat and would love to win it because then I could enjoy it even more as it wouldnt run out so quick

  19. I would love to win this amazing turkey as unfortunately I am working Christmas Day so after a long 8hr shift the last thing I want to eat is a dry frozen turkey from the supermarket. Would be amazing to have a beautiful stress free family dinner

  20. I have tried these at festive fairs and they are absolutely delicious, by far the best turkeys I have tasted, but my Christmas budget does not allow for one.

  21. I haven’t sorted out out Christmas meat out yet so those would come in super handy and sounds amazing

  22. i would love to win this as i have both my sisters and their collective 8 kids and hubbys comeing to mine for Christmas day this year. Would be amazing to serve up a gorgeous fresh turkey

  23. we can never normally stretch to a proper turkey at Christmas so this would be a huge treat for the whole of my family.

  24. Would be the amazing end to two and a half years of chemotherapy treatment to have a lovely turkey and my family to share it

  25. We will be having Tapas on the big day! As it’s just the two of us! and it’s what we fancy, but on Boxing day we will have traditional Christmas dinner – cooking for 14! So this gorgeous Turkey would be amazing for then

  26. We always have Christmas dinner at my Mum and Dad’s and I would love to tell them they don’t have to worry about getting the Turkey, as that’s always the most expensive part of Christmas dinner.

  27. Oh wow! I would love to win this turkey as you have just made it sound delicious! Sounds like such a treat for a special day.

  28. Because it will be the first time I cook Christmas lunch for my family and I want them to have the best!

  29. Great to read about the brand background, so important to know the ethics behind the food producer. I’d love to win this with my family all coming home for Christmas, it would be wonderful to share this story with them all. It’s a great competition, thanks for the chance to win.

  30. I want to win because we usually have a dry old supermarket bird, an this year it would be wonderful to have some luxury x

  31. I sampled Copas Turkey at Spirit of Christmas last week and it was tasty so would love a whole one to share with my family

  32. Quality assured and the knowledge that i’m feeding my family a turkey that has been well cared for. Aswell as it would be such a treat compared to ones that i’ve bought from supermarkets in the past. 🙂

  33. It is my turn to cook the turkey this year. I would like the best quality turkey to give my cooking skills a boost.

  34. I would love to win this, as the ladies in the family are dreading the Christmas preparations with me! – This would help alot and looks amazingly delicious!

  35. We stopped having turkey for Christmas dinner years ago when the quality seemed to go right down hill! Now that excellent free range producers like Copas have become available, I’d love to reintroduce turkey to our Christmas meal.

  36. I would like to win this fab prize to share with my nearest and dearest – ant they are pretty dear xx

  37. We had one two years ago and it was the best turkey we have ever had! We tried a different meat last year but it would be great to have another Copas turkey this year.

  38. I’m having everyone round for Christmas and would love to try a Copas turkey. It gets expensive hosting everyone!

  39. As haven’t got as far as sorting anything for Christmas yet and it looks good quality and well looked after.

  40. Because I’m ashamed to say that we’ve always bought pre-prepared joints from the supermarket as a legacy of years of overcooked childhood turkey. I’d love to try the real thing and create a new family tradition.

  41. I would love to win as I always buy a supermarket turkey, and having read how the Copas turkeys are raised and prepared for eating they sound to be a class above, and what better way to celebrate Christmas !

  42. I chose a organizing company based on a recommendation from another trainer.
    Is actually usually the small things in life, which keep the fireplace burning.
    I learned an important lesson tomorrow from a gentle teacher.

  43. I’m vegetarian so my children and hubby have never had a turkey for Christmas dinner! I’d love to surprise them with one this year as I’m also bringing baby no. 3 into the world just two days before Christmas so it’s all going to be rather special.

  44. would be amazing to have a decent turkey as having a very tight budget we have a frozen iceland/tesco turkey would be nice to have an amazing turkey this xmas

  45. We are a traditional turkey family and these look absolutely amazing. I would love to win one of these delicious birds for our family Christmas.

  46. Every year a family member with a BIG house invites everyone for Christmas Day lunch. They refuse all help, both financial and food but winning this Copas Turkey and donating it am sure would be more than acceptable. Thank you x

  47. I have heard so many great things about Copas Turkeys. Their tastiness and juiciness. I would love to have one for our Christmas dinner. My mouth is watering already.

  48. My son, who cooks our big family Christmas dnner, never cooks turkey, prefering other meats. Such a turkey will convince him otherwise.

  49. Would love to win with so much to do for our familys christmas dinner ( 8 adults and 5 kids) the fact that it comes oven-ready is a big help 🙂

  50. oooooooh i would love to be your lucky winner. A good turkey is what makes a Christmas dinner! This year is going to be the first year i will be hosting Christmas lunch at mine for my parents and family.

  51. it sounds delicious and id like to save the expense of buying a turkey for my family as the money id save if i win this would go to getting my 3 year old grand daughter more gifts wow thanks for the chance my fingers are crossed for this one

  52. my son and i never get turkey often and love for him to get the opportunity to have it more often

  53. I’ve always been too scared to try and cook turkey and just get a chicken this might persuade me to be a little bit braver.

  54. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and the Turkey is certainly an important part of it all, this would take off some of the financial pressure for sure!

  55. I would love to win one to try it and also it gets delivered to your door so I wouldnt have to worry either x

  56. we rarely have turkey at christmas so it would be nice to have a good tasty bird instead of dried out meat

  57. We are holding our first full on family Christmas this year with 9 people coming ontop of my 5 and i want to wow them and this sounds like the perfect bird to do this with. Thanks so much for the chance

  58. I’d love a Copas turkey this year. We’re going around my in laws and this would be so gratefully received, with it being oven ready my mother in law can have more time to relax.

  59. My hubby loves turkey and this year we have a houseful for Christmas dinner so a nice fresh turkey just for him for Boxing day would be lovely

  60. Treat the family to the most incredible Christmas feast with a large Turkey and absolutely all of the trimmings.

  61. Winning a Copas turkey would make Christmas extra special, and would be one less thing to organise in the lead up to Christmas

  62. I’d love to win a lovely free range turkey for the families Christmas dinner, free range are fed well and able to graze properly adding to not only a better life for them but a tastier dinner for us, and as Christmas dinner is the one dinner when all the family get together this year I’ve got 12 for dinner, it’s important to me to make sure everyone enjoys their dinner, and I’ve been told by many that Copas are the best turkeys going. We all went to my sister-in-laws last year and she’s a fab cook, so I need all the help I can get

  63. I’d love to win so I could it give to my father in law! We’re all round his for Christmas this year, so it’d be the least I could do.

  64. We moved into our new home in the Summer. This will be the first time I’ve really had the space to do Christmas as home for the rest of the family. I can’t wait

  65. Our Mother in law is working and had done Chrismtas dinners since We our little ones. This year we can do it for her when she gets back it would be great to use a high quality product and hopefully make it as good as she does.

  66. It sounds delicious and as I’m cooking for visiting family and its my birthday (same day) this would be amazing and beats a chicken any day so thank you for the chance,

  67. It sounds delicious and as I’m cooking for visiting family and its my birthday (same day) this would be amazing and beats a chicken any day so thank you for the chance, and merry christmas (well its not long lol )

  68. It would be fantastic to have a really tasty turkey for our Xmas dinner and these look delicious

  69. My mother in law always looks Christmas dinner and she does it for 15 plus people. I’d love to thank her for always doing it by providing her with the turkey this year.

  70. It’s my turn to buy the turkey this year and if I turn up with a Copas, it would make everyone’s Christmas dinner extra special

  71. I like the fact that they are free range. As a vegetarian it might help me Copas with feeding the rest of the family meat!

  72. I am chief chef this Christmas, and this would be wonderful to impress my family. Great quality and tasty. Thanks for the chance.

  73. A copas turkey would feed me for a week- while OH doesn’t like turkey I cannot justify buying one for just the two of us! It would be great to win one and spend the whole of Christmas week pigging out- and I am sure our frenchie Vinnie would love a slice too!

  74. Christmas has been hard for the last couple of years since my Husband was made redundant so it would be fabulous to have a top quality Turkey to share with my family and in laws x

  75. yours looks and sounds delicious and the fact that its delivered fresh to your door means I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving it too late to find a fresh over frozen Turkey 😀

  76. It would be really helpful as this year things are going to be tight as mum has be ill and had to give up work to have chemotherapy

  77. Christmas dinner comes once a year, so please may we have the best turkey so left overs don’t exist.

  78. Because my mum always makes us a lovely Christmas dinner I’d love to give something in return for all the dinners she has made us

  79. It would be lovely to have a good quality turkey for Christmas dinner, they look delicious. And to be ‘oven ready’ would be just perfect.

  80. As Copas supply organic and free range turkeys and they are officially Britain’s Best Turkey voted in 2017. I would love to share the experience of trying one with my family at Christmas.

  81. My mum usually buys a forzen crown turkey at Christmas but I’d love to surprise her and supply a high quality turkey this year

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