Thorpe Park Fright Night 2017

I thought I would be ok, that I was quite a brave character that wasn’t easily scared.

I was wrong.

The effort that goes into creating a truly terrifying night at Thorpe Park completely pays off and the evening left me with very little voice after screaming so much!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a Fright Night, I assumed there would be scary elements to the rides and a few extras thrown in for good measure. But this couldn’t be further from the reality, as Thorpe Park have gone all-out to make sure everyone has a thrilling time!

Our night started off in The Dome, with face-painting – more specifically glitter eyebrows! I’d gone along with my sister and it immediately put us in the mood for a great night!

We headed out into the dark, armed with a special edition of the park map. Not all of the rides are open, but instead you are greeted by new attractions specific to the event.

We decided to throw ourselves straight into the first maze – The Big Top. A circus-themed ride with a giant clown mouth as the entrance. At this point I was still under the belief that I would probably wander around and have to pretend to be scared…

Pitch black.

Strobe lights.


No way out…

I don’t know that I have to say much more really, besides you are trapped inside a maze and you honestly believe you will have to live there forever.

They say first impressions count and my word, I was impressed.

And terrified.

Next up were the Saw attractions, with Saw the Ride and Saw Alive – horror maze. I have been to Thorpe Park before but honestly always been terrified to go on the ride after seeing the movies.

But with my sister giving me the push I needed, we headed on up the stairs to join the queue for the rollercoaster.

In the dark.

I can imagine it would be frightening in the day, being plummeted at a 90-degree angle to the ground, but in the dark it was yet another reason for my lungs to have exercise while my voice cracked under the screams.

Pic: Chris Balcombe

The maze was full of rooms just like the movies, with live actors in chains and covered in blood. It wasn’t so dark so you were able to rationalise it a little more but still – people jumping out at you is always going to leave you on edge.

Platform No 15 was next on the list and once again, live actors greeted you as you wandered along the abandoned track.

At the end of the line you have to enter a tunnel and I kid you not, you cannot see anything. You just have to trust that the person in front of you knows the way until you eventually see some light.

If you can see the light in all the fog…

With all of the main rollercoasters open we decided to go on Swarm and Stealth next. My favourite part about going in the dark was the crisp night air rushing against my face. It added to the experience and atmosphere in the park.

Thorpe Park have teamed up with The Walking Dead this year and Sanctum and Living Nightmare were both themed like the tv show.

pic: Thorpe Park

Once again, live actors walked around you and you are warned that they will interact with you. One zombie stroked my sister on the face – very unnerving indeed! Of course, I found it hilarious but she was not so happy haha!

Our final ride of the evening was Containment, an experience based on an escape room concept and not one for people who may suffer from claustrophobia. Each room has a game and a puzzle to solve – you have to work with the others in the experience with you to solve it and move on. Make sure you pay attention to the live actors as they give out hints!

We didn’t make it to The Ghost Train but we had so much fun and would definitely go again next year to see what else Thorpe Park can do to scare us silly!

If you like The Walking Dead or love to have the life scared out of you then I cannot recommend Fright Night highly enough. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time! Find out more on the Thorpe Park website.


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