Small world play with Chad Valley’s Tots Town

Small world play is my favourite type of play. As a child, I always enjoyed making up games with little characters and it seems that my children have inherited that same love of imaginative play.

Chad Valley have a fantastic range of toddler-friendly small world toys out called Tots Town. There are so many different playsets to choose from and as part of our role as Play Panel ambassadors, we have been lucky enough to try some out.

There are a few larger playsets, one being the pirate ship which is his absolute favourite. It makes a selection of noises as it is pushed along, which means you can find him pushing it backwards and forwards along the rug most of the day!

The cannon also makes a sound when pushed and he has perfected his pointy finger through playing with the ship over the last few weeks. He is now the master of button pressing!

The ship comes with 3 pirates, all with patches over their eye and of course a pirate hat!

What I really like about the Tots Town range is that they think of the little details. The ship comes with a spare little pirate hat that can be put on a spare Tot. Wills loves that he can put it on and take it off again – teaching him skills through play!

The second playset we were able to test out was the Princess castle. Again, with batteries, it can make noises. My chief button presser loves to make the twinkly music play for the king and queen.

It comes with so many little accessories, a king, queen princess and a hero. And just like the ship, it comes with a spare crown and tiara for other Tots to wear.

One of my favouriteΒ playsets is the food truck with the cutest little bakers in their hats! Aren’t they fab? That too makes sounds – with the till making a kerching noise and the van itself playing a tinkly tune.

I love the whole range, I love that it is chunky, bright and colourful and that little details have been thought out.

Wills has been sitting for absolutely ages every day, Β happily playing with the cars and chatting baby babble chat to the Tots. The girls are also loving the range and so the three of them have been playing nicely together – something rare as usually their toys are too old for their brother to appreciate.

If you are looking for new toys for your little one then I can definitely recommend Tots Town playsets. I have my eye on the Fire Station for Wills for Christmas!

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  1. The Fire Station looks like great fun. My son loves fire engines. I think that he would get lots of pleasure from playing with this set. Plus I might get five minutes to myself.

  2. Wild Time on the Safari Trail. Love the inner track detail, and the colours are lively and bright πŸ™‚

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