Me & Mine: October

Real life has meant I haven’t paid much attention to my blog lately. I missed last month’s Me & Mine (although I did take pictures) and I also missed Siblings for the month (but again have the photos).

I guess that is just life, isn’t it? And actually, the fact I have the photos is the main point and not posting them up here for anyone else to see. I always print them out and add them to my photo wall in the hall – it makes for a brilliant timeline of our lives.

That is the point in photos. To be seen and enjoyed.

To me anyway – how about you? 

So what has been going on? Where have I been?

Well, if you follow me on social media you will have seen that Mr F was rushed to hospital at the beginning of September with appendicitis. He was in hospital for days and eventually had his appendix out. The worse week of my life to be honest with you – you don’t realise how much you love someone until they aren’t there anymore.

I never want him not to be there. 

That week was rounded off by Gracie turning 6 and having a huge party with her friends. Such a fun day but my god it was stressful doing it on my own – thank god for friends and family!

Then October has been a bit of a blur, with more birthdays in the family and my baby niece being born safely. It has just meant no time for much at all on the blog besides catching up with deadlines.

I miss writing for writing sake. I want to do more of that. I want to capture our lives and my journey through motherhood again. That is my goal for the remainder of the year and onwards into 2018.

So here are just a couple of photos of us all this month, taken in France last week when we visited my beautiful friend Aby and her family.

Can you believe it is nearly the end of the year already? Have you got anything you want to achieve by December 31st?


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