A Sporty Family & The Great British Tennis Weekend

I am not at all sporty and I come from a long line of non-sporty men and women. However, sport is now a big part of my life having married into an extremely sporty family! You name it, Mr F and his brothers are good at it – quite annoying actually haha!! One sport that Mr F is particularly good at is tennis and he recently told me that he was the under 18’s tennis champion in our town when he was 17 – his name is still on the trophy – pretty cool eh?!

His dad often jokes that he could have been the next big thing and I suppose he could have been, you never know do you? We were talking about it the other week and he was saying he would love to get the girls involved in tennis but that he wasn’t sure whether the local club was still open. I then heard about the campaign from the National Lawn association – The Great British Tennis Weekend.


The idea behind the campaign is simple, sign up to one of their free sessions at a club near you and enjoy some family time hitting a ball around a court. The sessions will run over a few weekends throughout the summer but the main focus will be the weekend of 16th/ 17th July. We have signed up for our local club so keep an eye out on my social media for some cute shots of the girls!

G playing tennies

In preparation for the event, the girls have been practicing their ball skills. Little G is actually showing promise already (her father’s daughter clearly!) and LJ is trying her best bless her!

LJ tennies

girls playing tennis

They are really excited to get down for their session, they want to be able to beat daddy! And although I am not in the least bit sporty (especially at the moment!!) I will be picking up a racket and getting involved too.

Have a look on the website and see if there is a club near you – let me know if you get involved and follow #GBTW to see how others get on! Enjoy!

my sig 2016

I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #GBTW

campaign. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here http://bit.ly/BritMumsLTA

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  1. Your situation is like mine – I’m not sporty but my husband’s family are!! How fun that your daughter’s are getting into it all now though. I hope you enjoy your tennis sessions during #GBTW

  2. awww your girls are really getting into the spirit of tennis there aren’t they? Sounds like your husband could have had a promising tennis career ahead of him then, thats really great that he did so well . I bet he often wonders what could have been x

  3. Ah I love the story of your hubby. Imagine if he would have been a big tennis player like his dad suggested. Amazing! It is so nice that he would like your girls to also play tennis. I would love if my girls can practice as a regular basis. That could be awesome! We are also looking forward to our family session in 2 weeks time. That will be fun! Hope you have guys have fun too! 🙂 xx #GBTW

  4. The girls look so cute playing tennis! I was really sporty when I was at school but got lazy. Hubby and his family are much sportier so I rely on them to encourage Lamb x #GBTW

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