Tired Legs, A long Walk And A Happy Ending

Little G started school this September and has been absolutely exhausted every day. One of the main reasons for this is the fact we walk to and from school and it isn’t the shortest of journeys. She is only little and so her little legs just cannot cope with the walk each way. It was getting to the point where she would moan and groan the whole way or worst still, be reluctant to go in the first place.

She thoroughly enjoys school and so for the journey to be ruining the experience for her was worrying me. There is no way around it though, we don’t have a car in the week and even if we did I would not drive. My friend’s little boy has a microscooter and she said I should get one for Little G too. Actually a little girl in her class has one of their mini scooters and I had seen her eyeing it up!

microscooter helmet

She does have a scooter, a cheapie I bought a couple of years ago. She has been on it a few times but she never got on with it and it was more hard work than walking so it has stayed folded up in our porch gathering dust. She also has a bike but she just doesn’t have the strength to pedal and there is no way I would be lugging that back with me after I drop her off!!

So my mind turned to Micro Scooters and then low and behold who was at the MADs? As soon as I saw them and had a little ride myself I knew they were the brand for us! Lightweight and so easy to steer with their lean technology, I knew Little G would love it and be able to scoot back and forth from school with ease!

Micro scooter maxi scooter


We chose the maxi scooter as Little G is tall for her age, it took her the whole journey home, crashing into bushes and getting into a bit of a strop, but by the time we turned the corner to our house she was a pro! It is really intuitive and once they get the knack they will be off!


Here is a little movie for you, sums up how brilliant it is really….

If you are thinking about getting a scooter then Micro Scooters are just brilliant, they really are!

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