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This weekend we did something new, something we have been wanted to try for a while but not had the opportunity. We took the girls camping! Now, I say camping but really it was more like glamping, not sure I could handle full on camping just yet, need to ease myself in!

We were invited to stay in the Hertz yurt village and when I saw the photos from last year’s event I new we had to go!

panoramic bogstock

If you haven’t heard of BlogStock it is a festival for bloggers, with talks from blogging experts and a selection of brands to get to know. There is also music, food and activities for the kids. All in all a really fun way to spend the weekend! If you are not a fan of camping and live nearby then you can come and go each day so you can still get the most from the event.

Unfortunately with Little G having school now we were not able to get there until Friday evening so missed a couple of the talks. We arrived in time to grab some delicious food though and then enjoyed an evening talking to brands and listening to live music.

making pizza yummy pizza

The main sponsors of the event were Expedia and they had a great stall with lots of competitions. I have worked with them before so know what a fab company they are and so when they announced me as the winner of the weekend to Greece holiday I was thrilled!! Watch this space for me jetting off on a plane! Woo hoo!!

#BlogStock Car

I also met Visit Ireland, The Florida Keys and Key West team, and of course the lovely people from Hertz. Lots of other fab brands helped make the event possible too but what with all the talks I couldn’t speak to everyone.

swinging on the hammock

Having the girls there meant we couldn’t enjoy the evening entertainment for as long as we’d like as they were tired and needed their beds. We headed to our yurt and snuggled under our duvet for the night.

blogstock at nightWe took our thick duvet and I was SO grateful for it! Everyone else I spoke to said they were freezing each night but we were so warm!

looking out at the yurts

Feeling refreshed I got up early to join in the morning yoga session with Julia. I haven’t done yoga in absolutely ages (besides a little at an Actimel event recently) and I ached the day afterwards I can tell you! It has made me want to carry it on though, such a good way to start the day!

colourful lanterns

The reason we were all there of course was for the talks and BOY did they deliver! The speakers were fantastic and I have come away feeling so inspired!! I am going to read through my notes and share everything I have learned soon so keep an eye out for that!

tipiLJ peeking out of the tipi

The were two things that made BlogsStock different to any other event I have been to. The first was that the fact family/ lifestyle bloggers were in the minority. There were mostly foodies and travel bloggers there and it was so nice getting to meet new people from other niches. Of course there were a few familiar faces, one of which was Michelle from The Purple Pumpkin Blog, so nice having a natter in between sessions!

The second was the fact that you could buy a family ticket, having Mr F and the girls there was brilliant! The brands were able to see how were are as a family and hopefully they liked what they saw! It also meant that we spent time together, enjoying the great outdoors as a family. There was plenty for the kids to do too with soft play, a bouncy castle and horse racing!

bouncy castle at blogstock horse racing at blogstock

We had an absolute blast and it has made me want to take the girls camping again! I would definitely stay in a yurt again and who knows, maybe I will try a tent next time!

Me At BlogStock

A big thank you to Hertz for inviting us and to the whole BlogStock team for putting on such a fab event!

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We had a press pass to the event but all thoughts and words are my own. 

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      I just keep my eye out on Twitter and speaking to other bloggers I get wind of things. This was awesome you need to go next year! x

  1. Lovely seeing you again! And meeting the family too! I thought it was a great event, and like you, have come away so inspired. It was nice to see bloggers from different niches to the events I’ve attended in the past, although some familiar faces for me too which was nice too. See you next year maybe? xx

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  2. I just found this post and the event definitely seems interesting! Will keep a look out for it in 2016!

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