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It is recommended to take half a tablet every 12 hours. And guide a mile long.

Noted. The first side effect felt literally in 15 minutes Vertigo. It was found that a very low pressure. Then he passed but was repeated immediately after ingestion. I continued to decant and in the evening I realized that the milk does not come already so. Further, the need for decanting disappeared, and within a week everything was on the wane. But I obviously got excited, thinking that I can have everything, and hot tubs, and drinking plenty of fluids - milk again began to arrive. But with this I have already coped with the help of a decoction of sage. On the experience now I can say that dostinex drug helps stop breast-feeding, and quickly. But it is worth remembering that this is not right, and the more intense was breastfeeding at the time of the suppression, the more will be long process. In combination with folk remedies and fluid restriction process will go faster.

Buying dostinex drugs to suppress lactation all expensive ((( and side effects is not small ... but when a real choice or mastitis, or possible side effects always will reflect!

I overtighten (mother medic) and + folk remedies ... now I remember and horrified, what I am doing. Thank God that everything changes and medicine does not stand still, and you can easily buy dostinex online. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Bought dostinex more than a year, I realized that you're a doctor. Help me please... This is the case: wean exactly 7 months ago. Everything went well, and after 2 days the milk ceased to flow. But, still stands colostrum and no monthly for 4 months. I ran to the gynecologist (doctor of the highest category), it is directed to take a blood test for prolactin. Passed. Turned out to be above normal (norm - 15, I - 23). The doctor has appointed Buy Dostinex. On the floor pill 2 times a week, 2 months course (mean 8 tablets needed). To be tested for thyroid hormones, they said it's okay. I read all the reviews and the question arose whether dostinex need to take two months. And you get: you treat one - maim another, with seriously maim, hormonal drug still ...

I also had a lot of milk to feed his daughter and a neighbor kid in the hospital)) Well, there are pills, but I heard that do not need to express milk and tie, tighten, so that the milk is blown. Maybe if I buy dostinex case would go faster.

I decided to finish breastfeeding 3 months, as the milk was not enough, I thought, can handle itself. But no! Buy Dostinex - Pharmacology wonders! Two days lactation is completely stopped and chest stopped hurting.

Hello! and tell me 2 pills Dostinex enough, or else will have to take ?? and use of tablets is not necessary to feed !? and if anyone knows where to buy online Dostinex ??? thanks for the answer!

Hello I drink a second that the get dostinex It was a time in the evening. Yesterday chest was almost empty and today is very complete as much milk being poured. It may need to decant and win again.
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