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Teaching reading and writing with Reading Eggs

A few weeks into term and no doubt your child has come home with their new reading book. If you are a reception parent you will probably be wondering what on earth you are supposed to do with those purple books with no words – you aren’t alone!

Teaching your child to read can be a daunting prospect but one that is so very important. Many parents still have the belief that teaching children is the sole responsibility of the teacher, but as a teacher, I can tell you that it is vital that children are supported at home too.

Children learn best through play and learning to read is no different. Technology is a big part of our lives these days and children are picking things up quicker than ever – so apps are the perfect way to combine their curiosity with phones and tablets, with learning key skills.

At the beginning of the month, I shared our review of Reading Eggs Junior, an app that is perfect for toddlers and pre-school children. Lils has been loving it and it is preparing her for the world of reading.

Reading Eggs also has a program for primary aged children and Gracie has been playing and learning for the past few months. It is absolutely brilliant and something that will help her with her phonic knowledge for writing too.

The app takes you through a story world, which has different games and activities to play. Grace loves that she can visually see that she is progressing, and as you can see she is doing well at 104!

Unlike Reading Eggs Junior, the focus is very much on teaching phonics and letter recognition. The way it is done is great though, the games are engaging and there is absolutely no pressure put on the child.

Her favourite game is Driving Tests as she likes to find the word being said and beat the clock. She thinks she is beating the game, when in actual fact she is teaching herself to recognise words quickly.

Always learning through play.

I love that you have access to behind the scenes, to see exactly how your child is doing. I also love that they do a placement test in the beginning so that games and activities are appropriate to their stage.

It isn’t at all demanding, and again no pressure on the child. It simply asks them questions until they get 3 wrong. Then it stops and places them where necessary. Gracie didn’t even realise she was doing a test, she was just happily answering the questions.

If you want to have a look in more detail then our video review is here…

The whole app is cleverly thought out and from both a teacher and a parent perspective I am very impressed indeed. We are going to continue with our subscription as already Gracie has moved up a reading level at school.

If you are looking to support your child at home then Reading Eggs is the perfect way to mix in play with learning. A big thumbs up from us!

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