Non-Alcoholic Summer Fruit Cooler - Cocktail Recipe

Recipe Box: Non-Alcoholic Summer Cooler

Summer is a time for sitting out on the patio, sun starting to set while you enjoy a nice cocktail. Or that is what the dream is anyway! The British summer seems to be having other ideas doesn’t it?! Still, we’ve had a few hot days and I for one have been in desperate need of something to cool me down. Now, being pregnant means I am unable to enjoy an alcoholic cocktail but to be honest, the best bit about cocktails for me is the fruity taste!

So, I decided to make myself a non-alcoholic cocktail, one that has all the fruity flavour without the kick of vodka or rum! I thought I would share it with you incase you fancy making one too!

ice in a tumbler

So, start off by blitzing up some ice until it is like a happy pile of snow. Scoop that into a pretty glass (you have to have the pretty glass don’t you?!) and you are ready to add the juices!

For the mix I simply used apple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice in equal measure. I judged mine by eye, putting a third in at a time until the glass was full. If you were making a big batch for a party you just need to make sure you have an equal amount measured out, say a pint of each juice.

Non-Alcoholic Summer Cooler - Cocktail Recipe

Add a slice of orange to garnish and voila! Easy huh?

I am not a huge fan of cranberry on its own but mixed with the apple and orange it was just delicious- definitely going to be my drink of choice throughout the summer!

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