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Letters To Lily: Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dear Lils,

I cannot believe you are three! You’ve seemed so little for so long and suddenly you are leaving your toddler years behind and starting pre-school! This year you’ve changed so much, you are hardly the same child actually and when I look back at old photos and remember the time that I took it I can’t believe how different you are now.

DSC_0736This time last year, one of my favourite ever photos of you. 

Gorgeous green top Adler of London

For a start – look at your hair! You have hair now, finally! You’ve been desperate to catch up with your sisters long hair and I think finally you are getting there. You love to have it up in plaits (although you actually mean pig tails) but mummy is a bit rubbish and forgets most days. We’ll have to try harder in January when you start school.

My Doodles camera

The biggest change has got to be the fact that you talk! This time last year you’d only just said your first few words and now you have such a varied vocabulary you’d think you’d been talking for years! Some of the words you say are so grown up, you must have been absorbing it all in ready to burst when you wanted. You do have a few funny little words and I really should sit down and make a note of them all to remember in years to come – my favourite is that you say ‘woo’ instead of ‘you’. So cute.

3 babies nov 2016

You became a big sister this year, something you have taken in your stride and I am so very proud of you. You adore your little brother and he is so lucky to have you. You are an amazing little sister to Gracie too – you always put them before yourself, always such a kind little girl.

LJ crumble

Your smile is my absolute favourite! You’ve tried to knock your teeth out a couple of times this year, almost giving me a heart attack in the process. Thankfully no lasting damage and you still have the most beautiful cheeky grin. Even when you are in a grump I am able to get a cheeky smile from you, you are my happy little bundle. And believe me you do get in a grump, but never for too long!

Your favourite thing to do this year is to sing and dance, you probably sing in your dreams! I’ve enrolled you in ballet starting January and I cannot wait to see you all dressed up – you are going to love it!

Here are a couple of videos from your birthday and from your party. You had such a lovely time!

Happy birthday my darling girl, thank you for being so lovely.

Lots of love.


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    Laura - dear bear and beany
    December 18, 2016 at 7:33 am

    Happy birthday Lils. Holly loves to have pigtails, but she calls them a ponytail! She sounds like the perfect middle child, loving her big sister and baby brother. Ballet is so cute with little ones, I love taking Holly x

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