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How to Style ‘Mom’ Jeans

Inside: 5 ways to style ‘mom’ jeans to make you feel great!

Ok, so if you’re wondering why I am saying mom instead of mum, I haven’t turned American overnight – these jeans are a new trend in the jean world. They are comfy, they hold their shape and they go with everything – and I plan on wearing them all the time!

style mom jeans

Why are mom jeans called mom jeans?

I had to google this myself but the reason is as I suspected. The style originates back to the 1980s, with a high waist and slightly loose fit – typically worn by mothers. They were deemed uncool by teens back then and were definitely not seen as fashionable.

As my mum always says, fashion will always come around in circles. And as always (damnit!), she is right. The mom style jeans are the new kid on the block and are here to stay!

How to style mom jeans

I bought this pair from New Look after I spotted Rochelle Humes wearing them on their Insta page – I mean if they are cool enough for her then they are cool enough for me! And well, seeing as I am busting out of my skinny jeans right now (thank you mince pies) I needed a new pair.

Jeans have been a versatile staple in wardrobes since forever, and these are no different. I wanted to show you how they can be styled to suit different tastes and occasions but on the whole, these are looks that you’ll find me wearing on the school run. Because mom jeans need to fit in with a mum lifestyle, right?

Casual autumn/winter look

mom jeans casual look

Sometimes less is more and the pieces speak for themselves. But a simple tuck of the jumper and roll-up of the jeans can take them from boring to stylish. Here I’ve thrown on a jumper and some pumps but added in the detail of a leopard-print scrunchie. The devil’s in the detail.

School-run mum

mom jeans school run style

Pumps again but jazzing up the look with a pretty blouse, some bangles and a hat. I love hats and wear them as much as possible now, after years of feeling like people might find me weird. If you love something, go with it – you’ll look great!

Smart casual

mom jeans smart casual style

Adding a blazer to an outfit is an easy way to instantly smarten up a look. Underneath I have a (rather crumpled) t-shirt and so if I took the blazer off I would look casual again. Perfect outfit to chill around the house, but then transition to a smarter look to go out for the day. You could also swap the boots for some pretty ballet flats during warmer months.

Lunch date

mom jeans lunch date style

As I said, most of the looks here will be ones I wear on the school run and so most have pumps or boots. I have done the school run in a heel – once. Never again. I’ve teamed up a simple black vest top with a cream blazer to give a pretty look for a lunch date with friends.

Dinner date

mom jeans date night style

A pair of heels and some dangly earrings and you are date-night ready! If you aren’t the little black dress type, then high waist jeans are a great alternative.

I love a nude heel and with the rolled-up jean leg, it just gives a bit of a sexy look I think.

These mom jeans are from New Look and are part of the Tori range. They have other styles within the range, with ripped knees or a normal fastening as opposed to the ruched waistband that these have. Either way, they all have a relaxed feel to them – no more squeezing yourself into a pair of jeans! Hurrah!

What do you think? Would you wear them? Which look was your favourite – let me know in the comments below?

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