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Christmas gift ideas for kids

I don’t know about your children, but mine have far too many toys. And each Christmas they were starting to expect too much and then would get overwhelmed by everything anyway. 

I felt the need to produce a mountain of gifts and then felt completely stressed by the amount of toys that were adding to the already bursting playroom. 

And what for? More mess? More to tidy? More to break?

It all came to a head one year when we’d tried to reduce the amount a little and Gracie turned around and said ‘daddy, where is the rest?’


The following year I found this little rhyme and I sat the girls down to explain that this was the way I was going to think about and give their gifts from now on.

After helping me to sort out their playroom they understood they had too much anyway (and they were sick of my nagging to tidy!) so they were completely on board.

Here is the rhyme:

Something you want,

Something you need.

Something to wear,

Something to read.

Something to do..

& I love you.

They know that they can write me a little list of things that they want and I will pick one of those things. Then the rest will be up to me to surprise them. We’ve spoken about the things that they might want – that they have to truly want them and not just grab at the first thing they spot in the Argos catalogue

Something they want

The girls have been after these for years and I’ve finally given in! These are from Skate Hut and they have so many different styles to choose from, as well as other fab stuff for any adrenaline junkies out there.

I still have PLAYMOBIL from when I was little so I love that it is still around and that mine can add to the collection and pass it down to their children too. This Shopping Mall is amazing – so many different bits and pieces to help set the scene.

Sylvanians are another toy that I had as a child and still have now. It is one of those play sets that will always be popular with little ones. My girls have started getting my old pieces and this restaurant will make for a great addition to their collection. Again – something they can hold on to and pass down to their children. 

Wills is obsessed with anything with wheels and is going to go crazy for this. Kiddimoto have lots of different balance bikes and ride-ons. They have won awards for their quality and innovative designs so are a great place to go to for any child who loves wheels as much as Wills.

Something they need

This obviously varies from child to child. I have got Grace some football socks – something that in the past I would have bought immediately. But now I have the ‘it can wait’ attitude and it can make up part of her pile. Lils needs new slippers and again, I have said she can wait until Christmas.

Wills needed a new pair of slippers and was gifted these from Dotty Fish as they knew he absolutely loves his old pair. He’s had so many pairs over the last few years and thankfully they go up the next few sizes too so he’ll be wearing them for a few more years to come. I wish they did them in my size!

Something to wear

Party season is upon us and I do love to get them a new party outfit for New Year – something they can then wear into spring and summer. This gorgeous glittery top and skirt is from Outfit Kids – take a look at my video to see what I got for Lils and Wills.

I always love to get them new pyjamas and put them in the Christmas Eve box. That way, they go to bed on Christmas Eve wearing their new sets and can wear them all day Christmas Day. This set is from White Stuff and I adore it. The girls have matching sets and are going to look adorable! 

Something to read

Gracie loves reading and is able to read bigger novels to herself now. This set from The Roald Dahl Story Company is such a lovely idea – it has Matilda and then bubble bath and pillow spray to make bedtime really relaxing. She’s going to love it!

You can’t beat a personalised book, can you? Where Next, Teddy? is lovely and has not only got Lil’s name throughout but I was able to personalise the character to look like her too. Really lovely idea for little ones to get them engaged in the story.

Usborne books are a firm favourite in this house and this new That’s not my llama is going to make a great addition to our collection. Apparently, llamas are the new unicorn?

If you have a little one who loves Iggle Piggle then this In The Night Garden library of books will go down a treat! 

Like I said, he loves everything to do with wheels and so is going to love this book. Zoom! Beep! Vroom! Busy Cities has fire trucks, trains and every type of transport you can think of!

Something to do

I’ve already given them this book but wanted to show it to you anyway. How Winston Delivered Christmas is an advent book and it absolutely gorgeous. You read a chapter each day of December and do the activities to go along with each day. 

Gracie loves coding after having done quite a bit at school the last couple of years. Botley from Learning Resources is a coding robot and is fantastic! You can program Botley to go around the various accessories that come with him or you can place him on a track and watch him race around. So clever!

Lils is all about the crafting so will adore this. They have a couple of BLOpens already but the fact that this set has glitter will mean it is a hit on the big day!

Wills loves In The Night Garden and so this lovely magnetic play set will keep him busy on Christmas morning. The board is double sided so plenty of room to make different scenes.

Did you have one of these as a child? I didn’t but I always wanted one! I may end up playing with this more than the kids but it will make a fun stocking gift for someone!

If you watch my IG stories you’ll know I’ve been a little worried about Gracie. This book looks perfect for helping her to understand her feelings, practice gratitude and think about how she lives each day. I will let you know how I get on with it.

Here’s a video I did if you prefer watching to reading…

I hope that helps!

I was gifted some of the items in this guide. All words and thoughts are my own.

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