Take the chore out of ironing with La Vaporella

I can’t stand ironing.  And yet here I am writing all about an iron.  Why? Because I bloomin’ well love this iron. No joke.  I have always owned bog-standard irons, ones that plug in and you pour the water straight into the iron itself. I thought they were the norm and so I just put-up with their sub-standard performance. Well, …

My autumn deep clean

Inside: Video sharing a deep clean of my house Spring and autumn are the best times to do a deep clean and I share the process with you. 

15 minute emergency speed clean

Inside: Video sharing a 15 minute speed clean You know what it’s like. Phone rings and a friend tells you they are near and want to pop in.  And your house is a MESS!! This is my 15 minute emergency speed clean for such an occasion!

Spend less time cleaning with a Polti Moppy Mop

How often do you mop your floors? Weekly? Monthly? ….. less than that? Time is precious, isn’t it? A quick vacuum and job’s a goodun, right? I hear you – I am a busy mum of 3 with a million better things to be doing than mopping my floors. The idea of filling up a bucket, wringing a mop and …

VIDEO: 5 Steps to finding yourself again

Inside: Video sharing 5 ways to find yourself again If you feel as though you are lost, don’t know who you are and need to find a way back – this is the video to show you how.

Have a home you can be proud of with zone cleaning

I remember one time, walking into my room to find so much washing on the bed that I sighed, swept it all onto the floor and climbed under the duvet. Those clothes stayed there, gathering dust, for about a month before I summoned up the strength to deal with them. Then there’s the time I threw all of our baking …

Keeping kids entertained and organised on long car journeys

Long journeys with young kids can be quite an experience. Poor planning can make for a stressful experience and unhappy travellers, but with a bit of forward-planning, you can make the journey a happy and relaxed one. My girls love to colour, they’d do it day-in, day-out if they could. If we ever travel by train then we aim for …