Bottle Feeding & Our Nuby Steriliser & Dryer

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I have introduced one bottle a day now, to try and give myself a bit of a break. I don’t know about you but being solely in charge of feeding leaves me drained. We have been sterilising our bottles with the New Nuby Natural Touch Steriliser & Dryer and we love it!

Back To Cloth With Tickle Tots

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I’ve mentioned before that we used reusable nappies with Gracie and that although Lils never got on with them we were using them again with Wills. We’ve had a bit of a break from them after he had his jabs but are back using them again now and I am loving it. We’ve built up quite a stash over the …

Caring for Delicate Skin With Aveeno® Baby

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Our family has a history of dry skin, from my mum having severe eczema to the girls getting mild irritation every now and then. I have always used Aveeno on their dry skin and have used it myself from a very early age as my mum always swore by it. When I heard that they were bringing out a baby range …

Moving Baby To A Cot with The Little Green Sheep

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I cannot believe Wills is 3 months old, honestly where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem a minute that we brought him home and he was all cosied up in his moses basket. He has always been covered with a little blanket but recently he has started to roll and wriggle about more and so it is time to …

The Aldi Mamia Parent Panel

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A few weeks ago I received a very exciting email indeed. I had been ranked in the top 10 of the best Baby & Toddler Blogs in the UK! How fab is that? Not only do I get to show off a badge in my sidebar but it means that for each month I am listed in the top 10, I …

Freedom With The Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump

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I have had such different experiences with each of my children and I think third time around I have finally found a balance that works for me. As a first time mum I was too shy to breastfeed in public and so stayed home or made very short trips out, ensuring I was always home for feeds. I did that …

My Dairy & Soya Free Breastfeeding Journey

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We have been a family of allergy sufferers for a few years now, with Gracie not being able to tolerate lactose until she was one and Lils being dairy and soya allergic until very recently (almost 3 years old). I thought that would be the end of our journey, but unfortunately it seems that our newest addition is also dairy …