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Book Review – Meee In A Minute Series

Inside: A review of the Meee in a Minute Books – feat. press samples.

I love self improvement books. I can’t get enough of them as I truly believe we should strive to improve ourselves on a daily basis. Not so that we are better than anyone else, but so that we are better than we were ourselves the day before.

I was asked whether I would like to read the 3 books in the Meee series and they really jumped out at me. The three topics are work, family and your own life and those are three areas completely relevant to me and everyone I know.

The fact that the series offers you ways to improve in those areas in your life in just 60 seconds was a real win for me. As a busy mum of 3 I don’t have time for long, drawn-out ideas.

What is Meee?

Meee was set up by Sid Madge and stands for the 3 E’s; education, employment and enterprise. Meee is a training and support network that supports people in recognising their own strengths in life.

Sid believes (and I agree) that everyone has their own purpose in life. We all fit in. We can all make a difference in this world if we are given the tools and self-belief to know that we can get there.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


Meee In A Minute

You cannot improve your life or any aspect of it in just one minute. But what you can do is take a minute to work through an exercise to change the way you think about something.

That is how these books work. Each book has 60 prompts to get you thinking and then they ask you to ‘take a minute‘ to work through an exercise, whether that be writing a list or simply taking time to answer a question in your head.

Meee In A Minute – 60 Ways to improve your life in 60 seconds.

I believe that before you can improve on any other element of your life you must look inward. This is exactly what this books helps you to do and I really enjoyed working through each of the tasks.

One of the prompts that really resonated with me was ‘Create a Better Story’. We all have the power to choose how we want to live our lives. We get to choose how we show up each day. Are we the hero of our story or the villain?

We all have a choice between living the life we want, or living with the reasons we can’t have that life.

Alberto Villoldo

Something I really love about the book is that it isn’t afraid to send you away from the book to go find out about something. I have signed myself up to a free external online course after reading one of the chapters.

Many of the chapters centre around looking inward, being grateful, taking time to slow down and ‘smell the coffee‘ and working out what makes you feel good. It is something that many of us fail to do but could benefit us in so many ways if we would just take the time.

If you are looking for a book that will offer you bite-sized but impactful ideas to help you improve your life then Meee In A Minute is definitely the one for you.

Meee In A Family Minute – 60 Ways to improve your family life in 60 seconds.

Once you’ve sorted out your own life you can work towards improving your family life. So many of us are so busy that we can take our families for granted. Time passes us by and before we know it the kids are grown and we wondered how we spent all of the years we had together.

I have this dream that my children will always want to come home for the holidays, that we’ll have big gatherings with all of the grandchildren with us all sitting around a long table to eat together.

For that to happen though, I need to foster relationships and memories with my children that mean they want to come back time and time again.

The book starts by asking us to take a minute to think about our upbringing and the values and beliefs we hold as a result of the family that raised us. I think it is so important to start this way, to unpick the past before trying to build towards the future.

So much of what we pass along to our children is influenced by our own experiences, so by working through that first it means we can choose what we pass to our children and create as a family.

The different sections switch between ideas for things to do as a family, such as going for walks, choosing experiences over material gifts and playing games together to parenting advice to help you navigate through raising children over the years.

One of the chapters talks about being the change and that is something I am working towards right now. I am not naturally tidy and as a result, my children will create mess in abundance. If I want that to change then I need to lead the way. Be the change, set the example and they will begin to mirror that behaviour – whatever that may look like for you.

I love that it mentions the comparison trap. Social media makes it so easy to feel as though everyone has it all together and that you are the only one failing. It is important to remember that everyone feels that way and that we just need to focus on doing our best and that is good enough.

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.

Michael J. Fox

There are so many great ideas to get you thinking about how you can be a better parent and a better family member, how you can encourage your children to be better humans and just learn to value family time more.

If you feel as though you need to spend some time to harmonise your family a little more then this books is the one you need.

Meee In A Work Minute – 60 Ways to improve your work life in 60 seconds.

Before I read this book I thought it might be full of ways to create that work-life balance we all strive for. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was aimed at helping you realise that you can do anything you set your mind to.

So many people hate their jobs. They go to work day in, day out and do it purely for the money. But what if there was another way? What if you could earn the money you need but do a job that you love?

The first thing to do is work out what it is you love. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Create a vision in your mind and then you can move forward towards that goal.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou

I feel like I need to read this book once a month to keep reminding myself of all of the good tips provided. Every single page is filled with mindset shifts, positive thinking prompts and reminders that we are in control of our own destinies.

And actually, whether you work or not, this book is like a self improvement book for life. Compared to Meee in a Minute, which focuses on looking inward and ensuring you are in a good place mentally.

This book pushes you to look at how you want to be remembered, how you want to improve each day and how you can best strive to be successful in your life (however success looks to you).

If you feel like you are lacking in direction in work or life in general then this books is the one for you.

Each of these books have their own merits, but actually as a trilogy they cover all aspects of life. You have to look after your own well-being to do well in life, you have to nurture relationships and share your wisdom with your family and then of course it is always good to improve the way you live your life so that you can continue to thrive in this world.

It isn’t often that I go back and read self-improvement books more than once but I have enjoyed these so much and taken so much from all three of them that I will definitely be keeping them out on my coffee table to refer to again and again.

If you feel like you need help improving all aspects of your life then why not get the trilogy set. You won’t regret it!

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I was given press samples of the three Meee in a Minute books for the purpose of this review. All words and thoughts are entirely my own.


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