We Made Me Wuti Wrap Review

Babywearing With The We Made Me Wuti Wrap

Time is just flying isn’t it? How is my little boy over 2 weeks old now? People keep telling me how well I am doing, that they are surprised to see me out and about and back here on my blog etc etc.. Truth is, I don’t really know what else I could be doing. I have spent the last few months like a beached whale on the sofa, so I am just glad to be able to be mobile again – plus with a child in school I don’t really have much of an option but to get up and out bright and early each day do I? As for here on the blog, well I missed it for the couple of weeks I was away. Writing is very much a part of who I am and so I can’t stay away for too long – just as well as I have a to-do list as long as my arm!!

Baby has settled into our family really well and doesn’t mind where he is as long as he is fed on demand. The only problems we have had with him so far is the fact that I am 99% sure he has a milk allergy just like his sister. He started to break out in hives during feeds and became increasingly uncomfortable when trying to sleep. It is just awful seeing them in distress but thankfully I have been here before and knew the signs. I have eliminated dairy from my diet and he is already improving thank goodness. The only other issue is the fact he hates being flat – a sure sign of silent reflux and something that often goes hand in hand with a milk allergy.

Thankfully we were sent a Wuti wrap from We Made Me and it has been a lifesaver! On days when he is particularly fussy I am able to snuggle him into his wrap and he is happy as a clam! I wore him for 3 hours at the weekend when I volunteered at an NCT sale and he slept the whole time. I had so many people comment on how cosy he looked and wanted to know where I had got the wrap from. A few were even hoping to find wraps at the sale but unfortunately there weren’t any to be had this time. Lots of other bargains though – I do love an NCT sale!!

Wuti Wrap and a newborn

They say that the first 3 months are in fact the fourth trimester don’t they? So it makes sense that babies want to be close to their mama at this time. His favourite place to sleep is on my chest after I’ve winded him, so the fact I can just wear him at any point is great and means I can get on with other bits and bobs without worrying about him.

We also have one of their carriers – the Pao, and I cannot wait to use it in a few months! But for now, he is super comfy in his Wuti wrap and we love using it!

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