An Elf For Christmas Reward System Review

An Elf For Christmas

I love Christmas more than any other time of year. As a child it was all about the presents, as everything seemed to centre around the big day. I don’t want it to be that way for my children, I want them to enjoy the whole season and understand that it isn’t just about presents. To me, Christmas is about family time and so I make the whole of December an event, not just the day itself.

We first had an elf come to stay when Gracie was 2 and we have accumulated quite a few over the years. They arrive on the 1st of December and stay until Christmas Eve. Having elves makes December a very magical time and means we make the most out of all the festivities and have the best Christmas ever, presents or not.

An Elf For Christmas Reward Kit

We are having a brand new elf come to stay with us this Christmas and I am really excited to see the girls’ faces when she arrives in a couple of weeks.

Our Elf for Christmas

Of course she won’t be in her box when she arrives, she’ll be up to some mischief and the girls will have to find her.

Our new elf

An Elf For Christmas is a really lovely concept as it is not like the other elves you may have seen. The idea is to encourage fun, kindness and a sprinkling of magic, which is what I want the girls to focus on. She comes with a good behaviour kit, with the elf reporting back to Father Christmas every evening to make sure they stay on the nice list. 

Elf reading a book

As well as elves, they have created a Christmas book to go alongside them. I really love the story as it enforces the idea of having fun and spreading kindness throughout the season. I am going to give them the book on the day the elf arrives and I just know they are going to love it!

I have started to plan the activities for the 24 days, some that we do every year and some new ones to keep the girls on their toes. I’ve seen some cute Minion faces on bananas that I think will be funny! Although mischief is fun, the activities we do with our elves are more about bringing the magic of Christmas to each and every day of December.

Do elves come to your home at Christmas time?

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