The last days of summer

Inside: A little insight into our bank holiday weekend

I can’t believe there is just one week left of the summer holidays. I had so many plans in my head as to how the weeks would go. The things we would do, the fun we would have together. But right now? I feel like it has all gone too quickly and I have no idea how we’ve spent our time.

But there is one saving grace. The weather predicted for this week, starting with this bank holiday weekend. Sunshine makes everything better, doesn’t it? The sunshine for this week will mean fun in the garden every single day, leaving us with long-lasting memories to take into the new term.

I wanted to capture some of the happiness from our chilled day in the garden today. I was sat in the shade hiding from the sun (the irony is not lost on me!) and I wanted to keep their smiles forever. Do you know what I mean?

They aren’t perfect photos, but they are perfect to me.

I am going to soak up the next few days as much as I can. Fingers crossed they don’t go too quickly!

I hope you’ve had a fab weekend too!

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