Why your toddler is hungry every minute of the day

My children must tell me they’re hungry at least 50 times a day, to the point I feel like I need to set up some sort of trough for them to graze in! 

They’ll be full one minute and then insistent that they are starving the next. It is enough to drive you mad, right?

Now 5 years ago I would have believed they were pulling my leg. That they were trying to avoid finishing their healthy dinners in favour of a snack 5 minutes later.

But something happened back then that changed my perception of children and their eating habits. Something that means I will forever have snacks in my bag and believe my little ones when they say they are hungry.

When my oldest was 2 years old, she had a hypoglycemic episode. You can read more about it here but essentially, she went to bed on an empty stomach and by the morning her energy supply was depleted. 

Carrying her lifeless body into A&E will be something I carry with me always. And it could all have been avoided with regular snacking. 

You see, we all accept that babies need feeding regularly but past a certain age we assume that a child can manage on 3 meals a day. I mean I don’t know about you but even as an adult I need snacks! 

Toddlers are growing and developing at such a rate that they truly do need to eat every couple of hours. This keeps their blood sugar levels stable and prevents mood swings and all of those other traits we see at that age.

So what can you feed them?

I don’t know about your little ones, but mine are the fussiest eaters right now. Trying to give them fruit is like pulling teeth – they would rather go hungry than eat an apple! 

But something Wills loves is the Organix Goodies range. He absolutely loves the Coconut & Cocoa and the Banana & Cocoa bites!

And of course, I’m happy because they are healthy! Organix are keeping up their #nojunkpromise and producing healthy and delicious snacks for little ones. 

I always keep a couple of packets in my bag for when we are out and about – nobody likes a grouchy toddler when you are out for the day. 

So next time your little one tells you they are hungry what seems like 5 minutes after finishing dinner, just remember my story, remember they are growing at a rate of knots, and that kids only ever eat when they are hungry.

What are your go-to snacks? 

This post is written as part of a collaboration with Organix. All words and thoughts are my own.

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  1. My cupboard is always full of organix stuff. I have a box of snacks for the boys that gets topped up constantly and we can’t walk down the kids aisle in Sainsbury’s without more being bought!

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