A golden summer to remember

I have been longing for this summer for so long now that I can’t believe that it is finally here.

Endless days, no routines and time spent together as a family.

You see I’m someone who doesn’t actually mind the summer holidays. To me, they bring a relaxed feel to parenting as I don’t have to worry about getting anyone anywhere on time, getting homework done or making sure they are in bed by 7pm.

Instead, they run in and out of the house barefoot, do as they please and stay up late filling the house with laughter.

That is what I long for all year.

And I am going to make the most of every minute until it ends.

Last weekend we had no plans at all and so decided to head out on an adventure. We are very lucky that although we live in a town, we have the countryside on our doorstep.

Just about an hour north of us is Cambridge and so we made use of our National Trust passes and went off to Houghton Mill. If you ever get the chance to go in summer then make sure you go along and take some towels – swimming in the river is a must!

Just as I was about to balance my camera on the pushchair, a local offered to take our photo – so handy when that happens!!

No reason for these photos other than I was twirling showing off my new dress. So many of you loved it when I shared it on my Instagram Stories that I had to get it! It is from TKMaxx so can’t guarantee that any other store will have it I’m afraid.

Of course the kids wanted to copy me and we ended up all having a twirl, laughing at ourselves getting dizzy.

He is such a clown.

The girls’ dresses are from Next, although I got them in the sale so again can’t guarantee they still have any. Can’t go wrong with stripes, can you?

This is just the beginning of our summer together and I can’t wait to see what other adventures we go on.

I may be one of the rare ones with summer holidays seeming endless to others, but we need to embrace them with open arms.

Because there aren’t too many summers left.

Children grow too fast, summer holidays stop and all we have left are the memories.

So that is what I am going to do. Take photos for memory sake and soak up as much of this golden summer as I possibly can.





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