5 Tips for preventing nappy rash

I can clearly remember the first time I dealt with nappy rash – and I am talking full-on burn style rash. Blisters, redness and hot to the touch.


I didn’t know what had happened to my poor, poor baby. What on earth had caused such awful burns on her precious little bottom?

I have always believed that teething is a major cause of nappy rash, it certainly seems to happen around that time, but apparently, it isn’t one of the documented causes! Who knew?!

What are the common causes of nappy rash?

  • Soiled nappies combined with friction
  • Tight nappies – preventing air circulation
  • Baby wipes & other cleaning products

Your baby will be more likely to suffer from nappy rash if they:

  • were premature
  • are unwell
  • have had vaccinations
  • have diarrhoea
  • have a change in diet i.e. weaning
  • suffer from eczema

In a nutshell, they are sensitive to lots of external factors and so it is up to us as parents to look after their delicate skin.

I had always tried to make sure I change Will’s nappy regularly and used creams as soon as I’d spot any redness, but there are so many more things that can be done to prevent that dreaded rash.

5 tips for preventing nappy rash

Here are 5 different ways that can help stop that redness and ways that can help clear it up if it should appear.

1. Change your baby’s nappy as soon as it becomes soiled. Seems simple but with modern absorbent nappies, babies can be left longer without anyone realising they are wet. Aim for 5 – 7 times a day.

2. Allow nappy-free time each day – even 5 minutes would allow their skin to breathe.

3. Use the correct nappy size. If they are too tight then air cannot circulate and friction can irritate their skin.

4. Avoid perfumed wipes and products. 

5. Use a gentle nappy ointment at every change. We now use Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment and it is brilliant. It forms a protective barrier, letting the skin breathe and also protect it from any irritants. It’s also free from any nasty chemicals that could irritate your baby’s skin.

Now that I have been using protective cream before anything happens, as a preventative measure, he hasn’t suffered from any nappy rash at all – including through the dreaded teething stage!

If you have a little one then follow these simple tips and hopefully your little one will be rash free from now on too!

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This post is sponsored by Bepanthen but all words and thoughts are my own. 

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  1. Change nappy often, keep baby nude for a while to air out and a good barrier cream. Im due my first baby in 2 weeks and all this advice is really handy! Thank you x

  2. I let my little boy lye on his changing mat with a towel underneath for warmth and comfort and let him get as much air as possible whilst at home 🙂 i change nappies often and always use a nappy cream.

  3. Changing nappies often and having lots of bare bum time when possible and always keep a tub of nappy cream at hand

  4. I don’t have a little one but I would love to enter for my best friend, who was ‘expecting’ her first baby last Thursday!! (He’s not made an appearance yet though!)

  5. We make sure she’s changed regularly a little nappy free time helps as well. Barrier cream if it starts to get red seems to keep it at bay.

  6. Change your baby’s nappy regularly, clean them thoroughly, apply barrier cream after each nappy change and give your baby as much nappy-free time as possible.

  7. Regular nappy changes, free kicking time and keep the area clean. I’ve started using reusable wipes and they seem great.

  8. I didn’t realise how bad nappy rash could be but my little boy experienced it badly once when he was teething. I would always allow some nappy free time and make sure he was dry after being cleaned and before applying a really small amount of barrier cream.

  9. Left my lads with no nappy on quite a lot, they never really suffered from any rashes, maybe they were lucky ones

  10. Regular nappy changes, and some nappy free time daily are some aspects we have used as a family. Addition to the family due later this year, so prize if won :- Would be welcome, useful and appreciated.

    Some risk factors for nappy rash are not easily avoided, so it seems best to be prepared. Thanks for all the up to date information.

  11. I treated with sudocrem if looked red but didn’t use if not needed. I always had nappy off time and regular changes with wipes with water and cotton wool.

  12. Frequent nappy changes are a must along with regular nappy free time. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  13. Never mix pee with poop if you smell a smell change immediately. It’s the chemical reaction which causes the rash!

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