Recipe Box: Princes Moroccan Mackerel with rice and chickpeas

As part of my new healthy eating drive, I am trying to discover new foods that are quick and easy to make. I barely get 5 minutes to myself to think about what I can make (let alone whether it is a healthy meal or not!), so when I discovered these handy tins of mackerel from Princes, I had to try them.

I am a big fish fan (I must eat tuna and salmon 90% of the week) but I have to say I haven’t really ever tried mackerel. My mum loves it but it hasn’t ever made up any of my diet… until now.

The Princes fillets come in different sauces and are really tasty! The fact that the sauce is already prepared means that all I have to do is grab some staples from the cupboard and I have a quick meal.

There are lots of different varieties but I thought I would show you my two favourites, the Spicy Tomato (see here) and the Moroccan style with apricot sauce.

Moroccan mackerel with rice and chickpeas.

On the days that Mr F is working late, I will often eat on my own and cannot be bothered to cook a full meal for myself. Being able to whack some rice in the microwave and then have a delicious meal in less than 15 minutes is just so handy and means I don’t live off beans on toast all week!


– 2 tins of Princes Moroccan Style Mackerel

– 1/2 Red onion

– 200g Chickpeas

– 50g Spinach

– 1 Packet quick cook rice

– Chopped parsley


– Sautee the red onion for 3-4 minutes and then add the chickpeas and spinach.

– Cook the rice (I use quick-cook rice as it takes minutes).

– Combine everything and scoop onto the plate. Open the tins of mackerel and place on top of the rice bed.


Isn’t that easy? Even if you use a 12-minute to boil rice, you will go from ingredients to a meal in under 15 minutes. When you are a busy mum you need all of the help you can get, don’t you?

The benefits of omega 3

A healthy diet should contain 2 portions of oily fish, which are a great source of omega 3. Eating fish such as mackerel can help you maintain a healthy heart – definitely something I need to bear in mind with heart disease in my family.

I love that Princes mackerel comes prepared and ready to eat (skinless and boneless) and means I can enjoy a healthy meal with no fuss whatsoever. I will definitely be keeping a supply of tins in my cupboard!

Have you tried mackerel lately? What is your favourite recipe?

This post is written in collaboration with Princes

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  1. Ooh I never knew you could get tinned mackerel! I love mackerel but I hate cooking it, the house smells for days afterwards, so this would be great to use! Will definitely try this recipe!

  2. I actually love mackerel, although for some reason I’ve not eaten it for years. I didn’t even know you could get it in a tin! I love this recipe idea, quick and easy is exactly what I’m after at the moment, and it sounds delicious!

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