Treat Yourself with Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service

I didn’t think the perfect lipstick existed or even the perfect shade.

Well, it does.

I haven’t ever really been one for lipsticks actually, I didn’t like the idea of drawing attention to myself or people wondering what on earth I was doing wearing so much colour at the school gates.

The thing is, lipstick makes me feel good. It makes me feel more confident. So now I wear it every single day, without fail.

One of my absolute favourite brands is Charlotte Tilbury. The lipsticks are so luxurious and the colours are just gorgeous!

She has a new collection out, Charlotte Tilbury At Your Lip Service. The colours are amazing and the set would make the perfect Valentine’s gift – for yourself or for your Valentine.

The packaging is gorgeous, isn’t it? – look at all of that gold! Luxury indeed!

This is The Queen, my new favourite red and one I wear most days at the moment.

This is Legendary Queen and at first, I thought it looked really dark. But actually, it comes out lighter than expected and is a really glamorous shade.

You can see I have been wearing this one quite a bit. It is The Dutchess and it is just the loveliest natural colour!

The set is just brilliant, from the packaging to the carefully selected colours and I cannot recommend it enough! Go take a look and see if you can drop hints over the next couple of days so you can get your hands on one – they are lipsticks fit for a queen!

I was gifted this set for Valentine’s Day but I wanted to share them with you as I honestly just love them! 

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