Making time for imaginative play with Mr Kipling

Inside: Review of the Mr Kipling Tea Set from Casdon

I love cake, don’t you?

I could stuff my face all day and never get sick of it I am sure. Lils definitely takes after me as she is a grazer too and cake would always be her first choice.

Now the thing with cake, is you just can’t eat it non-stop as you’d pop. So what is the next best thing?


No no, the next best thing is playing make-believe with your very own Mr Kipling tea set from Casdon.

Isn’t it fantastic?

As soon as I saw it I knew that it would be right up Lil’s street and I was right. If you watch our Instagram stories then you’ll have seen us playing it most days. We’ve played mummy daughter coffee date, tea shops and we even snuck out to the supermarket to buy the real Mr Kipling cakes….

The set comes with a cake stand, plates, cups and cutlery. The cakes are replicas of our favourite Mr Kipling treats and we actually discovered some new ones (I may or may not have gone out specifically to find the Treacle Tart…).

If that wasn’t enough, each cake has a shape underneath that fits the matching shape on the cake stand. The cakes themselves are all different shapes too so it makes for an exceedingly good learning opportunity for maths as well as teaching sharing and other life skills.

We’ve had so much fun playing with this tea set and it hasn’t just been Lils and Gracie that have enjoyed it – Wills has been joining in too! It is for over 3’s but you should see Wills pouring me a cup of tea- it is just the cutest!

If you want to make time for cake and imaginative play then the Mr Kipling Tea Set is brilliant – and at only £11.99 it is a bargain too!

We were gifted this tea set but all words and thoughts are my own. 

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