Gifts she will REALLY want this Valentine’s Day

Every year is the same… He asks what I want and I tell him ‘nothing’. Because really, there isn’t anything that I need. But when he actually gives me nothing, I am left disappointed.

I feel unloved and as though he doesn’t care at all.

And of course, I went over the top with plenty of thoughtful gifts for him. Again.

It is so silly but it is how it is and I don’t imagine anything will change for me unless he gets wind of this post.

I am going to give you the foundations of what women really want. Whether it is for Valentines Day, birthdays or for Christmas. We may seem complicated but really, we have just a few simple desires.

What she really wants for Valentine’s Day

Time with you – When children get thrown into the mix, relationships suffer. Am I right? Sitting next to each other on the sofa at the end of a long day doesn’t count and so it is very important to allocate time for each other.

This cute date night money box from Find Me A Gift is the perfect gift as it shows that you are serious about making the time. It is also really fun to see the money building up.

To feel more like herself – Motherhood becomes her label. It is who she is and in the end, she loses sight of who she used to be. Get her some makeup or a voucher for her favourite store and make sure she treats herself to some new lippy.

I recently fell in love with Mac lipsticks – they are so creamy and last all day!

If you are looking for something practical that she will love then this sensor mirror from simplehuman is brilliant! It senses when you are near and illuminates with a true-to-daylight light. This means makeup goes on true to colour and flawlessly!

Time for herself – Time is something that comes in short supply when you have to think about nappies, feeds, school runs and everything else that comes along with having kids. Give the gift of time so she can use it to look after herself. Whether that be in the bath or having longer to go shopping with a friend.

Something I love to do is read and this Garden Cocoon from Hayes is going to be my absolute haven in the summer!

Why not get her a tablet or a Kindle so she can read her favourite book or catch up on her favourite shows while snuggled up in her favourite place.

To feel stylish – Personal identity means everything and a nappy bag and a snot covered cardi just doesn’t cut the mustard!

Treat her to a new handbag – this one is from Debenhams and they have lots of fabulous bags to choose from!

I also have a fantastic competition to win these pretty hair bands from By Eloise. If she is like me then she will always have a band on her wrist – these make your wrist look stylish while being practical!

A lie-in – I don’t think this needs explaining does it? Take the kids downstairs and let her catch up on some much-needed rest.

Why not treat her to some new pyjamas while you’re at it? These are from Next, who make the most comfortable pjs around!

To be pampered– When was the last time she painted her nails or had a long soak in the bath rather than a 5 second shower? Being pampered is always something reserved for special occasions, isn’t it?

Why not give her a lovely pampering hamper, full of goodies to let her pamper herself more often than twice a year? This one is from Sanctuary – their goodies are so luxurious!

Brighten her day – How often do you buy her flowers? They always brighten my day and I’ve started buying myself a bunch every week.

Why not pledge to buy her a new bunch every week so she doesn’t have to? Flowers are forever, not just for Valentine’s Day. I tell you where does get bunches – Aldi! Such beautiful bouquets and a bargain price!

So there we have it, gifts that she will really want and that will mean she feels appreciated and cared for beyond Valentine’s Day.

Now, hopefully my own husband will catch sight of this post and do the same for me!!

Some of the items in this gift guide were gifted to me but as always, I only share products I love.

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