7 Ways to date your husband

Inside: 7 ways to date your husband. First published in 2015.

“Love you!”

It was something I would yell down the stairs every morning as he was leaving for work, something that probably fell on deaf ears as he double checked he had everything he needed.

They were words that had lost all meaning. 

I can’t even remember when it started. We’d been together for so long that we had just become part of the furniture – completely taken for granted.

Having children makes alone time near on impossible, doesn’t it? You are so busy being a parent that you just don’t realise that it is happening.

You’ve forgotten how to be a couple.

The thing is, you don’t have to settle for less – you can make a change!

I decided recently that enough was enough, that something had to change.

One day a week would be date night and whether we stayed in or went out, we would spend the night together.

Getting to know each other again.

The fact you are reading this post, I am guessing you’ve decided you need to make a change too, right?

7 Ways To Date Your Husband

Here is a list of 7 date night ideas, and hopefully you can take inspiration for your own date nights. Some are easy ‘stay at home’ dates and others will require some more planning. The most important thing is to make the time.

1. Go to the cinema. I don’t know about you but as a parent, I either watch Disney movies or end up watching the new releases 5 years later!! Find yourself a babysitter and go to see the latest release!

If you cannot get a babysitter then why not turn off your mobile phones and have a home cinema night- buy some popcorn and make an evening of it! 

2. Have a spa night! Candles, massage and some facials. Throw in a glass of wine and some chocolate and you have a perfect romantic evening, just the two of you.

3. A romantic meal. If you can get a babysitter go out for a treat, it is always nice to have a night away from the kitchen.

Alternatively cook together, make an event out of it! Take turns with each course – you could even turn it into a competition.

4. Games night. Sometimes it is nice to turn off the tv, phones and other electrical bits and bobs and enjoy each other uninterrupted. Grab a board game or two and let your competitive side come out!

5. Plan a holiday! When it is all gloomy outside open up the laptop and browse the internet to find yourself a nice getaway. Even if it is a short weekend break, book it! You know you want to!

6. Reminisce together. Do you have a wedding album or DVD you could look at? Time goes so fast these days you soon forget those days. We sat watching early baby videos the other day and it was lovely!

7. Picnic in the park. Now you can take the children with you (or not, up to you) as they are a part of your family. I really love doing things together as they are a part of us. Really push the boat out, wrap up your sandwiches in brown paper, buy the best drink and lay a blanket on the grass.

I hope you find these useful! Go through your diary and book the time in. Dating your husband may sound silly but I find if I don’t make a plan I never get around to doing anything and it is important to take some time just for you.

Let me know how you get on!

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Katy is a wife, mum of three and professional blogger. Her blog, What Katy Said, aims to inspire other mums to get organised and make the best out of every day.


  1. This is so important! I’ll be using this advice when I move in with my boyfriend next month…eek! I’m a bit worried about how to get the balance right as I’ve been a single mum for ages. Your tips will help 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

    1. Oh good luck with the move! Just remember to make the time. It is hard not to fall into bad ways when you are around each other every single day. Having regular date nights are a great idea 🙂 x

  2. We’ve started talking about how we need to start going on dates again (our LO is 5 months). And dates where we have topics of conversation other than the baby. Maybe that’s another post – “things to talk about with your husband other than your children” hahaha!

  3. This is a great list – we could certainly do with making more time for each other. Babysitting is very lacking at the moment but it’s no excuse, we should make more of our evenings.
    Great post!

    1. Yep, babysitting can be a problem for getting out an about for sure. We have started blackout nights every Wednesday though- simply turn off phones and laptops etc and talk x

  4. Ooh some fab ideas! We always go to the cinema when we manage to get a babysitter because we used to love that the most before we had children and it is something I really miss but you are right, night in watching a film with no tech can be just as good! So important to make time for your relationship xx

  5. I love these ideas, and will definitely be trying some of them out! My husband and I are very devoted to our one year old daughter and rarely find the time to spend time together. But these ideas are great for one date night (or more). Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think that is it- so many couples become so absorbed in their children that they leave no time to be the couple they were before children came along. I hope you manage to find time x

  6. Mr H and I love a date night. In fact, we went out for a meal last night. We don’t live near family but we’re lucky to have an awesome babysitter who works at the local nursery. She is brilliant with Little Miss H which means we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  7. I’m ridiculously excited at the idea of meeting my hubs for lunch once all the children are in school. I find a road trip with night away lovely lots of time to chat. x

    1. Had to just tweet you as I LOVE Gilmore Girls- all you have to do is call my name- and i’ll be there on the next train……. oh oH OH!!!! Love it! lol x

  8. Yes!! I totally agree with everything you’ve said Katy. It’s so important to make time for each other. Dom and I always have a ‘no mobile/ tablet/ laptop night’ at the weekend so we can snuggle on the sofa with a box set or a movie. We don’t have family around us, so babysitters are rare but my mum will come up every now and again. Cool post!!

  9. This post has really got me thinking. With five children I always make my husband my last priority.
    I’m defiantly going to give some of your ideas a go and get back some much needed ‘us’ time X

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