Recipe: A Festive Snowball with Warninks Advocaat

Inside: Recipe for a festive Snowball with Warninks Advocaat.

Don’t you just love a cocktail?

Christmas is a time for snuggling by the fire, Christmas tree lit up, with a cocktail in your hand.

And what better cocktail than a Festive Snowball?

My mum used to drink Warninks Advocaat and I can clearly remember the iconic yellow drink on her sideboard over the Christmas period as I was growing up. It has taken me all these years to actually drink it but my goodness it is delicious!

Did you know there are several variations of the Snowball? I didn’t! There is also a Snowflake Snowball with gin, a Garland Snowball with rum and the Saint Nick Snowball with cider.

I am sure there are lots more too – do share your recipes below in the comments if you have a different one I could try!

I am going to share the simple Festive Snowball today though, one that is light and bubbly.


50ml Warninks Advocaat

1 can lemonade

Juice of a lime


Shake the Advocaat & lime together.

Pour over ice to cool.

Top with lemonade to add the fizz!


So simple isn’t it?

Let me know if you give it a whirl!


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