Don’t let food allergies spoil Christmas

Inside: Our party with a dairy free Christmas Jumper Cake. 

“Oh no, he can’t eat that”

“Can I just check the label?”

“Don’t worry I’ll bring something for him”

It’s just a part of our lives now, allergies. We are an allergy family. We have been since Lils was born and it is very much our norm these days. We know what we can and can’t buy and know which shops have the best dairy/soya free sections.

Christmas is particularly difficult, with advent calendars and all of the other goodies that every other child can enjoy at this time. At 1 year old Wills is pretty much oblivious, but next year will be different – he will know he is different.

Tesco is our go-to shop for free-from foods and their Christmas range this year is just fantastic! They have mince pies, gingerbread stars, selection boxes and a very yummy Christmas jumper cake kit.

When I find something that Wills can have, it really does make my day.

Tesco invited us to have a Christmas party to celebrate the end of term and sent us all Christmas jumpers and our very own Christmas jumper cake kit. My girls love baking so it was the perfect way to celebrate the start of the Christmas holidays.

I stocked up on party supplies, set the table and the party was ready!

Wills was so happy to be able to join in. Although he is young, he is starting to look around at what others are eating and he always notices when he has the same things.

You can’t have a Christmas party without crackers, can you?

Of course I was sent a jumper aaaaand a matching Christmas jumper cake! Isn’t it fab?

We were sent the kit too though and set about making it together. The kit comes with everything you need, besides eggs and dairy-free butter.

Once the cake was ready, I used the stencil included within the kit to shape it and the girls decorated it.

The kit comes with sprinkles and chocolate chips but we didn’t use the chips as they contain soya.

It isn’t the best decorated cake in the world, but they were happy with their efforts and it is the taste that counts, right?

I can tell you now… after eating quite a few slices myself… that it is delicious!

If you or your little ones have allergies then Tesco have such a brilliant Free From range, that there is no need to feel left out this Christmas time.

What allergies are you living with?

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