Key pieces from Nutmeg autumn winter collection 2017

I was a frumpy mummy for far too long.

Leggings, slouchy t-shirts and odd socks were the everyday norm and they just didn’t make me feel good about myself at all.

Recently though, I have been making braver choices with the outfits I wear.

I want to feel good every single day. I am worth that.

One of my favourite places to find clothes is Morrisons – did you know they did clothes too? Every single store now stocks Nutmeg womenswear as well as some very cute kidswear too. They recently sent me some key pieces from their autumn/winter collection and I love them!

This jacket is made from the softest faux swede and is in the colour of the season. It makes me feel like a cool mum and with a bit of makeup on I feel much more put together.

I love the zip details and the fact that it isn’t too heavy to wear. Perfect to throw on for the school run to make me feel good about myself.

When this shirt arrived I wasn’t at all sure. The frills down the front, the embroidery on the sleeves… it was a bit too brave for me.

But do you know what? This piece is proof that you should always try things on as I actually really like it. The embroidery trend right now has grown on me and I would definitely buy something else like this along the same theme.

I must just say a big thank you to my friend Amber who took these photos for me. I saw her taking photos with her camera and asked her to do a mini photoshoot with me while we were on a day cruise. Go check out her blog, Meet The Wildes, to see more of her photography – she is awesome!

I adore this photo, she captured me just as I was laughing at the fact I was almost being blown off the ship!

If you are looking to get some key pieces for this season then go take a look in your local Morrisons at their Nutmeg collection. Tag me on IG so I can see how you get on!

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