Keeping kids entertained and organised on long car journeys

Long journeys with young kids can be quite an experience. Poor planning can make for a stressful experience and unhappy travellers, but with a bit of forward-planning, you can make the journey a happy and relaxed one.

My girls love to colour, they’d do it day-in, day-out if they could. If we ever travel by train then we aim for a seat with a table so they can get out their colouring books and sit quietly for the journey.

Car journeys are different.

Car journeys mean sitting in a seat for lengths of time, with nothing to do other than nap or play i-spy. We will sometimes take tablets, but Lils doesn’t have a great attention span and so that doesn’t always work.

We were recently sent some fab travel trays from Supa-Dupa. They are the perfect solution for us as a family as it means the girls have a flat surface to do drawing on, play games and even eat!

The trays fold flat to fit inside a handy carry bag. We are going away soon and will be travelling by ferry, so these will be perfect for taking up onto the main deck. The girls will be able to sit anywhere and have everything they need to keep busy for the journey.

The trays themselves unfold and sit neatly on their laps, with a strap to keep it secure around their waists. Safety first though and Supa-Dupa have incorporated quick-release buckles, should you ever need to use them.

I love that the trays have handy side pockets that hang over the sides, they are so handy for keeping the pens and pencils organised.

We have been on several journeys now and the girls have been able to have lunch, play games, read books and do their colouring – all thanks to their trays. Such a simple idea but one that is completely brilliant!

Oh, and they are wipe-clean! Now, who doesn’t love a wipe-clean product?

Stuck for activity ideas?

Here is a list of a few resources I like to take with us to keep them busy on long journeys.

– cars

– colouring pads

– crayons

– playdough

– travel games (UNO, Dobble…)

– Lego

– books

– sticker books

– finger puppets

– tablet (& headphones)

– snacks & juice

If you go on long journeys or have children who love to keep busy in the car, then take a look at the Travel Tray from Supa-Dupa, it is brilliant! Use SUPABLOG for a 20% discount too!

I also have a giveaway for a Travel Tray and carry case for one lucky winner. All you have to do is complete the widget below. Good luck!

Travel Tray

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  1. quite a few times a year as go and stay at the in laws caravan in wales and do long journeys to visit the in laws aswell.

  2. Entering for by brother and his family I would love them to come up ad visit us but with a 376 mile journey they have been putting it off due to having 4 little ones, but this would make the trip a lot easier!

  3. We go on the odd long journey, and it’s always a fine balance of how to keep our little one entertained en route. We usually try and coincide it with nap time for an easy life!

  4. We don’t go on long trips often. Maybe once a year to the south coast to visit relatives, and usually a holiday abroad annually.

  5. Planning and organisation is key to successful travelling with kids. Love all your ideas of things to take to keep them amused, and really pleased that they don’t all include tablets and the such like!!! Really like the look of the travel trays from Supa-Dupa!!!

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