Keeping the kids entertained with Disney Downloads

I can clearly remember going to the cinema to watch The Little Mermaid with my mum.

Best movie ever. 

I was hooked on Disney from that day forward and have loved every single movie released ever since.

My children are massive Disney fans too and we have amassed quite a collection of movies over the years. Something that we have been doing lately though has been to download the movies digitally – meaning we can take the movie with us wherever we go.

We have had an Amazon account for years so we download them from Amazon Video, but you can download from Sky Store, Google Play and iTunes too.

Their current favourite is Moana – I think we have watched it approximately 600 times already and it gets better and better every. single. time!

The fact that we can watch it on the tv, on tablets or even on your phone is great! It means wherever you are, you have your favourite Disney movies to hand. I also love that you can pause on one device and pick up where you left off on another – so so handy!

As a family we watch everything on the tv of course, logging into our Amazon account through our tv package. Sunday is our movie day as a rule, snuggling together on the sofa with fluffy blankets to watch our favourites and reconnect as a family.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. 

We have a rule in our house that says if it is raining, they are allowed to watch movies or play games on my phone or their tablets. I find it gives a balance to screen time and other play.

One of their favourite things to do is hide away in their teepee and watch a movie together on my phone, like it is a secret club where only they are allowed.

They are watching Brave here, such a great movie isn’t it? There are so many available to download and keep forever, including tv series too which is great! Whichever you choose, it stays in your account and you are able to watch it over and over again – something they take full advantage of I can tell you!

One of the best things for me is the fact that you can download and watch without an internet connection. Anyone with kids will know that long car journeys can be stressful at times and so having a movie to keep them happily occupied is so handy!

Gracie is currently obsessed with High School Musical – if she could sing all day every day at school then she would be one happy little lady!

Car journeys are so much easier when the kids are entertained and having headphones means they can watch different movies each and leave us able to chat in the front.

I have been considering getting holders for the back of our headrests – that would mean they can look straight ahead rather than down – let me know if you have any you’d recommend.

Being able to download our favourite Disney movies has been great and has meant we always have one on hand – recently they have been watching them while waiting for one another to finish ballet lessons.

You just never know when you might need some quiet time and Disney movies just have the power to get kids totally engrossed and settle them when you need, don’t they?

What is your favourite Disney movie? 

Post written in collaboration with Disney


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  1. This is great, we allow the girls to watch a little something on their tablets if we are going on a long journey and it is so handy to be able to watch a film on your phone when you are out and about. Great review – who doesn’t love a Disney film?!

  2. Oh I need to see if I can download Disney movies. My two adore Moana and they had been watching it on NOW TV but now our subscription has run out I will be investigating the downloads instead! 🙂 This has also made me think that I should show my oldest High School Musical as I know that she would love it.

  3. These sounds amazing. Our DVD player is currently broken and I know that Little Miss H is missing her Disney fix (who am I kidding, I AM missing my Disney fix.) So handy that once they are downloaded you can watch them over and over. Really the perfect way to entertain kids. Hugs Lucy xxxx PS Those photos of the girls in the teepee are stunning. xxxx

  4. I love Disney and my love of it has passed down to my girls. They too are obsessed with Moana! I really need to look into more about how we can watch videos anywhere and in the car, as I’m sure we are not taking full advantage of what we have available already x

  5. This is fab, especially as you can download things for on the go.. My favourite Disney is the Little Mermaid too. I’d watch is every day if I could. Haha. No matter how many times I try to get my daughter to watch it though, she won’t. I don’t understand it at all because she loves all things mermaids and would happily be one if she could.. Lol. X

  6. Oooh we totally need this in our lives! We are all Disney mad and watch Disney dvds on repeat, but I have never downloaded them so we can watch them on the go! It would make car journeys WAY less stressful that’s for sure!

  7. I didnt really think about downloading Disney – Im not really sure why as its such a greta idea. Brave has got to be one of my fav films at the moment such a great message. Monkey is at the age that I would like that he started to watch more Disney films rather than 20 minutes episodes of this or that. Especially when we are travelling. Will have to look into this.

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