Slimmer’s Secret Supercook Challenge with the Tefal ActiFry

A couple of weeks ago I went along for a very special shoot in London, one that saw me taking part in a cooking challenge with lots of lovely bloggers. The challenge was simple – create a healthy recipe for the Tefal ActiFry.

love my ActiFry and use it all the time! It is so versatile, cooking so many more things than just chips (although it does make the best chips!).

I decided to do a pork dish, using a few ingredients to make a sweet sticky sauce. It is one of our favourites as a family and because it is cooked in the ActiFry I know that it is low in fat – great for keeping my family healthy.

We were all using the ActiFry Express XL which is a fab model, one that automatically shuts off when the timer ends.


Pork strips – 1 lb

Cornflour – 1 ActiFry spoon

Passata – 300 ml

Tomato Puree – 1 ActiFry spoon

Brown sugar – 1 ActiFry spoon

Apple juice – 150 ml

Onions – 2 large white

Olive Oil – 1 ActiFry spoon

Garlic – 2 cloves

Diet cola – 2 ActiFry spoons


– Mix the cornflour and 1 ActiFry spoon of diet cola together to make a paste.

– Add the tomato puree, passata, apple juice, sugar and remaining ActiFry spoon of diet cola and mix to make a sauce. Put to the side for now.

– Add the oil to the ActiFry and begin to brown the onions for 5 mins.

– Add the pork strips and cook for a further 5 mins.

– Add in the sauce, give it mix and cook for 10 mins.

– Enjoy!

I cannot tell you how delicious it is, you’ll have to try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

I do need your help though! If you think my recipe is worthy of winning a prize then I would LOVE if you would vote for me! If I am crowned the winner then I win a luxury spa weekend for two. Yippee!!

But that’s not all. By voting, YOU are entered into a prize draw to win the spa break too! So get voting over on the Tefal website now!

What is your favourite ActiFry recipe?


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