Organising my car with STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers

Inside: A review of the new STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers featuring VELCRO® Brand technology

How many times have you driven around a corner and heard a clunk as everything in your boot goes flying?

Yep, annoying isn’t it?

Groceries rolling around and fizzy drinks about to explode. Your bags always topple over and at best your eggs don’t crack.

I once bought a few crates to keep everything in, but they used to slide around too so that idea went out the window!

Back to a messy boot! 

It hasn’t been the most organised of places for a long time, but I have found a solution: STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers. So simple to use but great for keeping everything nice and neat.

The plastic organisers have VELCRO® Brand technology on the base so they grip onto the carpet material of your boot. They can be used as storage, using the elasticated straps, or simply as a way of dividing areas and keeping your things contained.

My boot is split in half, with one side having Will’s pushchair and the other side being split between the girls’ scooters and space for groceries.

I use the organisers to keep the scooters contained, meaning they don’t roll all over the place and the elasticated straps are handy for keeping the girls’ water bottles safe (they usually roll under muddy wheels!).

I also use them to keep my groceries from spilling over, with the straps to hold the bottles upright.

There have so many brilliant uses and the STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers website has a great video showing you all of the different ways to use them.

Just so versatile!

Does your boot need organising too?

This post is written in collaboration with STAYHOLD™ & VELCRO® Brand


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  1. Oh now I am very jealous of your organised boot! That Stayhold looks brilliant. I always end up with bottles rolling all over the boot after I have done a big shop, then I struggle to find them under all of the toot that I seem to keep in our boot. This would solve that. Brilliant.

  2. Ooh I am so jealous! When we got the new car I said we would be super organised and keep everything straight and two months later it’s a jumble sale! I so need some boot organisers!!

  3. Well, I’ve never heard of these before and they look fab. yes, I always have that annoying clunking as I go around corners. I hoovered this week so this should be the next step in my car clear up! Mich x

  4. Oh wow your boot is way more tidy than mine! These sound fab and what a good idea. I currently have a box one side and a buggy the other but it doesn’t work very well as the buggy is too large and takes the box out every time I put it in! Love that these are universal. X

  5. Oh my gosh this is amazing!!! Why have I not heard of this?? What a brilliant idea. My car boot is a nightmare – when I open it everything falls out at me! It is a nightmare!! I am definitely going to buy myself some of these!

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