Me & Mine: August

Oh dear, late late late with this month’s Me & Mine photos. Not that a couple of days matter especially, as long as I take them once a month then we still have a record of our family.

That is what matters.

It isn’t that we haven’t had plenty of opportunities to take photos this month, we’ve had loads of family fun actually. It is more that my camera hasn’t seen the light of day for a while, I’ve been busy being in front of the lens for a change.

The holidays are over now and we are all back to routine today, something that will mean less time together as a family but actually, I think it will help us come together more at the weekends. The girls have started to get on each other’s nerves the last couple of weeks and in turn, have sent me a little crazy with it!

Yesterday we went to our nearest National Trust for an early morning Geocaching adventure and look around the farm. I remembered to take my camera and tripod and so was able to capture a few photos of us all together under a tree. Lils needed a rest as the grass was ‘too lumpy’ for her liking, haha!

How’s your summer been? Are you looking forward to being back in a routine now?


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