Kids Style: Pinks & greys for autumn with Vertbaudet

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As much as I am trying to find myself and find nice outfits that make me feel good, my favourite thing to do is dress up my children.

Are you the same?

There are so many lovely outfits out there and seeing as they grow every 5 minutes I get to seek out the new styles every season. Autumn is by far my favourite season of them all, as I am a sucker for a boots and tights combo!

Vertbaudet is a brand that I have heard about over the years but never thought to shop with. My mum is constantly ordering things though and so the girls have been given various outfits over the years. When I had a chance to look for myself I was pleasantly surprised – not only is everything gorgeous but it is all reasonably priced too.

We were kindly sent some pieces to showcase the new season but I have a tonne of stuff in my basket as they have a 50% sale on right now!

Now you know me, I love a bit of matchy matchy so I went for a pink and grey theme for the girls. Don’t they look cute?

Lils is wearing the cutest polka dot dungarees with a rollneck jumper and honestly, if it came in my size I would wear the same.

The frills on the jumper are the perfect example of why Vertbaudet is great – the details are always the most important part of an outfit for me.

Gracie is wearing grey wool shorts with a pink sweater, the same gorgeous pink with a lace giving an extra dimension.

They both have cute cat boots which are so soft – perfect for keeping their feet warm over the next few months.

Will is also rocking the grey and actually, this is the first time I have realised how much grey brings out the colour of his eyes.

Definitely his colour.

He is wearing cute dungarees with a little dog on the front pocket. I didn’t manage to get a good photo but they also have little paw prints on the legs – again with the details.

He is obsessed with shoes at the moment and as soon as I put these ankle boots on he was cruising round the furniture smiling away to himself.

I love all 3 of the outfits and cannot wait to get a few more bits to add to their autumn wardrobe – Wills definitely needs some more dungarees!

Have you been on the Vertbaudet site recently?

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